How To Join The BBWInsiders Program + New Endless Weekend Review

June 2, 2014

How to join the BBW Insiders Program to get free product to review for Bath & Body Works!

I am a #BBWInsider through the Bath and Body Works Insider Program.  This means, every once in awhile, when new product is released, the BBWInsiders get a chance to see product as, or before, it comes out to the public and talk about it on social media.

Yes, you read that right- BBW sends myself and other influencers product before it hits shelves to get our honest reviews.

Each time they send me something, I get giddy.  I love BBW. It’s one of my happy places.  When I’ve been stressed with school or simply needed my house to feel more like a home, BBW is my go-to for just the right kind of sensory overload.  It’s the one brand I stockpile for gifts when they have Semi-Annual sales since the candles and shower gels make amazing gifts and the Wallflowers are perfect for housewarmings.


If you’d like to join the BBW Insiders program, I talk about it in my BBWInsiders video below.


Basically, you can apply through their Facebook app.  You should have at least two social media networks that you update regularly but I don’t believe you have to be a blogger.

They seem to accept influencers of all types- I’ve seen BBW brand fanatic bloggers get in, moms and beauty bloggers too… they have a diverse bunch.

Each time a new product is released, you get an email, rush over to the app and apply to review before samples run out.  A few weeks later, a gorgeous package shows up at your door with new product, and you can share it on social.

The BBWInsiders app also has fun quizzes and product information for their latest promotions, so it’s fun to explore.

New Endless Weekend from Bath And Body Works

Now, the new Endless Weekend line was sent to me via the BBWInsiders Program. I applied through their Facebook App and got in right under the wire before samples ran out- phew!

I’ve been fortunate to review their Mahalo Maui and Oahu Coconut Sunset summer fragrances as well, which has a very (obvious) tropical, coconut smell.  I think they both have their time and a place- but for a summer fragrance, Endless Weekend is a light, refreshing fragrance without the tropical notes.

Instead, Endless Weekend is a summer blend of fruity, floral, and finishes with a vanilla note.  The fragrance combines raspberry lychee sorbet , sun-kissed magnolia and vanilla sandalwood.


If you have questions about Endless Weekend or the BBWInsiders program, be sure to reach out in the comments section below!

8 comments so far.

8 responses to “How To Join The BBWInsiders Program + New Endless Weekend Review”

  1. Ashley says:

    I am in the BBWinsiders as well, and just managed to snag my first sample. I got the mini candles of summer scents and Endless Weekend hand soap. I love that everyone who has visited and used it, comment on how great their hands smell 😉

  2. I can’t get the FB app link to work for me, it keeps saying operation timed out. I fail.

  3. Liv W. says:

    Has anyone heard when/if endless weekend will be available in wallflower form?

  4. Courtney Elmore says:

    I am having trouble finding the app? Any tips?

    • Shannyn says:

      Hey Courtney, I know they sent out an email a few weeks ago that they would have updates to the program, but haven’t heard from them since…I am not sure if they’re changing it up or pulled the app, but let me look into this!

  5. Kazua says:

    Where can i join the bbw program?

  6. Stephanie Massey says:

    I would like to be a bbwinsider.


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