I Instagrammed My Walls With Shutterfly

September 1, 2015

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Shutterfly through their partnership with POPSUGAR. While I was compensated by POPSUGAR to write a post about Shutterfly, all opinions are my own.

Refresh Your Space with Shutterfly Instagram Prints

I am constantly taking photos and Instagramming for both business and fun.  Between brunches, travel and good times with family and friends, I take a lot of pictures.  It’s kind of funny that my walls are rather bare by comparison.  Honestly, I live digitally, but that doesn’t make for a colorful home or fun walls.

I was really excited to get a chance to refresh my space with Shutterfly- importing my favorite photos from Instagram and Facebook and finally getting my favorite photos offline and into my space! 

Personalizing my home with Shutterfly

Instagram has officially taken over my wall. I got to print some of my favorite Instas with a collage of metal prints– including one of my favorite #TBT posts of an old Polaroid of my Gram.  Sadly, there aren’t a lot of pictures of her and I together, and I know the original Polaroid will fade over time, this one will last!  Honestly, I didn’t know you could even print on metal, but this collage came out so gorgeous…the photos don’t do it justice.   

Decorating with Shutterfly

This was one of my favorites- I could customize both the frame and the print inside it. I took two photos from our recent trip to Charleston and Savannah (his favorite place and mine), to combine a customized frame with our dream house (well, historic mansion) and one of my favorite spots in Savannah, Forsyth Park.

Refresh Your Space with Shutterfly

Okay, I lied, I’m also really excited about this customized serving tray which highlights some of my most delicious moments from the last year.  Life is delicious, and this little piece will be beautiful on my dry bar. It has character, and I think in the digital age where nothing gets printed anymore, this is a really unique conversation piece for parties. I hope to serve many more beverages and nibbles with this fun piece.

Shutterfly Personalized Serving Tray

I also got to try out a glass print, which looks so beautiful in the window, catching the light.  I had hired a photographer for a 30 minute session in Bermuda, but never had the photos printed. I wanted to do something special to showcase that memory, and the glass print came out beautifully.  While Shutterfly is known for its canvas prints and cards- they have so many new products and materials to choose from, it’s not just canvases anymore.

Glass Prints with Shutterfly


Your home doesn’t really feel like home until you have pictures up.  Our phones capture such awesome memories, but most of the time, those memories never make it off the internet and into our homes.  I’m trying to make an effort to unplug and be present more at home.  Though I love blogging and social media as a career, we can’t live entirely online- it’s really nice to send paper mail and have printed pictures as something tangible to hold in your hand, though we live increasingly digital lives.

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14 responses to “I Instagrammed My Walls With Shutterfly”

  1. Rebecca Jo says:

    So cute! I love Shutterfly & all the cute products they offer!

  2. Betsy says:

    Fun! I love Shutterfly. They’re my go to for any photo related gifts. I love doing photo magnets through them, it’s a personal gift that is really useful!

  3. Melissa says:

    Wow, I had no idea Shutterfly printed on metal or glass! That’s so cool! Those pictures look awesome, and now you’ve given me some ideas 🙂 How would you say the photo quality turned out, especially pictures from your phone? Are they blurry at all?

    • Shannyn says:

      Hi Melissa! I know right? I was so excited to try something new and I liked both the metal and the glass! I would say that instagram photos turned out great! The only photo that was blurry was the one of me and my gram, because that was a photo I took of an old photo of us that was a Polaroid, so the image itself was blurry.. luckily none of the phone photos were pixelated or blurry.

      The serving tray was all phone photos and they came out super clear. I was very nervous, since printing instagrams before didn’t go so well with another company- these were fabuloso!

  4. You photos look amazing! And I really love shutterfly!

  5. I love my Shutterfly books. You’ve convinced me to look into more of their offerings. That serving track is practical and personal. What a great gift idea!

  6. Whitney says:

    The metal and glass prints look so beautiful!! I’ve been looking for ways to update our place without CANVASPRINTSEVERYWHERE and this may be just the ticket!

  7. I love all of these! Such great ideas. I completely agree that we often keep pictures on our phones or computers these days instead of printing them. These are all great ways to make a home more home-y. Thanks for the ideas!

    Also, I love your use of the “We are all in this together” quote on the first one. And super cute pug!

  8. How sweet! My favorite picture is your last one in Bermuda!


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