Insomnia & Late Night Thoughts About Purpose

May 30, 2012

Over the moon.

You know when you get so excited you can’t sleep? When you realize you’ve stumbled upon the next length of your journey by coming to the right crook in the road to get a proper vantage point and suddenly the path opens up for you? That’s what’s been going on for me this week.

I’ve been applying for jobs.

“Why is an entrepreneur applying for jobs?” I hear you asking. Well, simply because- I love the path that I’m on, I’m looking for some heart-wild sidekick to travel with. There are a lot of amazing businesses out there, some savagely brilliant entrepreneurs I’d love to team up with.

I keep seeing the listings for social media management jobs, and I giggle to myself “I can get paid to do THIS?”  That’s when you know you’ve hit the sweet spot, when someone will give you money to shine.  Granted, there are days I feel like a tarnished tea pot- I’m an unfinished piece… I have a lot of learning to do still and I want to be in that sparky environment to make it combust.

I am looking for new locations…bright minds & crazy adventures.  The Mentos of employment to the Diet Coke of my interests, I believe that kind of job-chemistry can exist.

I love what I do- there is something awesome about working with authors, entrepreneurs & brands that mean something significant.  I often feel my big ideas are still half baked, so I garner immense pleasure being the mouthpiece for others and cultivating their communities.

My work in social media has been by far some of the most rewarding work I’ve ever done-  it has brought my philanthropic interests to life once again, has put me in touch with a plethora of amazing people, and allowed me to make friendships around my nerdy interests in British sci-fi.


You ever can’t sleep at night because you love the work you do?

That’s why I’m here, rambling past my bed time- to ask you.  If you’ve never had a night of insomnia because you adore your day job- keep looking.


I went through two bleak years of graduate school forcing myself to do what was “right” for my career, only to give up and follow what makes me tick.   I wanted something that gave back, but didn’t burn me out.  I wanted to be around big ideas and share them without having to run in elitist circles.  I yearned to contribute to the global conversation without having to get a dissertation in pretentiousness.  I wanted my ideas to accessible, retweetable and open to the reviewers of the everyday world, not the minds locked in an ivory tower.


I believe it’s possible to have your cake and eat it too when it comes to work- you can have a day job that is congruent to your personal passions without boxing up who you are on nights and  weekends.  Even if you have to get creative to make it happen, I implore you to explore.  Don’t stop searching until you regain that spark and get your hands dirty in the nitty gritty of who you are and what lights you up.

I don’t ever write rambling blog articles at this late hour-  but I’m thrilled for the next chapter.  I’m ready to find what’s out there, ready to make an arse of myself in order to learn new things and to amplify what matters.  We’re coming up on the two year anniversary of Kassie‘s passing- a dear friend who was taken too soon, but in her own way- reminded us that feelings of loss can only be experienced when first, great love existed in its place.  Loss like that hurts so bad because love was so great.   What a swift reminder to live with tenacity and get excited about life while we have it, taking no time for granted.


So, what keeps you up at night?



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12 responses to “Insomnia & Late Night Thoughts About Purpose”

  1. Max says:

    I completely know what you mean. You either get the Christmas Eve feeling where you’re giddy for the next morning. Or for me, I get the feeling of inspiration and I just can’t shut my brain off. While it’s a curse and I’d like to get some sleep, I love the feeling, that rush and thrill.

    Great post Shannyn, I’m super excited to see how things unfold for you in this next chapter. Cheers.

    • Shannyn says:

      Thanks so much Max..and for your help! 🙂 I can’t believe how many opportunities are out there. When I started grad school I had no idea that I would end up going into this line of work- assuming I was destined for academia this is quite a fabulous change! I am loading up on coffee this morning, but it was worth it. These are exciting times!

  2. Jeffrey says:

    Awesome post! There’s nothing more amazing than being so excited about life that you can’t sleep at night. I just love that feeling!

    I totally agree – you don’t have to go 100% entrepreneur to be happy and successful. Doing both can be extremely rewarding.

    • Shannyn says:

      Thanks Jeffrey! I am so excited for your news as well! I love going solo and doing my own work- but I know if I find the right company or entrepreneur to work for it will have some of the benefits I can’t recreate on my own (like in person social interaction? haha) I love working from home, but sometimes it can be a bit isolating if not done right. In the area I live right now, it’s hard to get around or get into the city (super long train ride) so I think living in a more central location or working for a company will aid that.

      I’m thrilled to explore something new- I’m so grateful I started a blog and discovered my love for social media…it has really propelled the next chapter of my life!

  3. Shannyn this is awesome. I’m so glad you are working towards your passion! I can honestly say that I love that feeling of passion and drive towards something you want to do. You’re definitely on the right path 🙂 Can’t wait to hear more!

    Does this mean you’ve made a decision on NY?! Are you applying to jobs there?

    • Shannyn says:

      I’m applying for jobs in NYC but have found that there are a lot of opportunities opening up for social media jobs in California. I’m keeping my options open and am willing to move anywhere, I’m ready for adventure!

      • OMG. Please move to California!!!!!! What areas?? Will you be in the bay by any chance? Or SoCal? Either way, I’d love to meet up if you move here 🙂 I’m selfish and I’m crossing my fingers that you get a job here haha.

  4. Awesome post, I sensed this vibe when I was in Chicago! … def an exciting chapter.. I’ll keep an ear to the ground for marketing ops out east at startups etc

    enjoy the (good) sleepless nights!

  5. Bridget says:

    “The Mentos of employment to the Diet Coke of my interests” bahaha I want to steal this and put it in my own cover letter!!

    I think your right, satisfying work IS out there and you can achieve a solid work-life balance, and pursue your passions on the side. I’m very happy with my current position, but I definitely have my sights set higher. I’m not sure where I’m going next but I’m pretty happy along the way 😉

    • Shannyn says:

      Thanks so much and feel free to steal that for your cover letter- it’s all yours! 😉 I am over the moon excited- people are doing such powerful things, I feel electricity knowing I could be a part of it. So much chemistry!

  6. You notice so much its nearly laborious to argue with you (not that I really would need…HaHa)


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