(My New) Home For The Holidays ….A First Look At My New Apartment

December 8, 2014

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I’ve been in my new apartment for a full month now, and I’m finally through unpacking all of the tuppers full of junk and sorting my life into a habitable, somewhat photographable habitat.  I am in love with my new space.  While of course, I didn’t expect to be celebrating the holidays this year as a bachelorette, my life has become much like my new nest- full of light, quirks and personality.

I am loving my new neighborhood, and I’m happy to say I assembled all of the IKEA furniture myself. (Without stripping a single screw this time, huzzah!)  I still don’t have anything nailed to the walls, I’ve rearranged the furniture several times since moving in- I’m hoping that will be the next phase of the nesting stage in quite literally, nailing things down.

Suitcase nightstand or endtable - Frugalbeautiful.com

Home for the holidays - repurposed luggae end table

My couch is from IKEA, and probably the most comfortable one I found.  After agonizing over a few and sending text to various friends in a dazed panic, I finally settled on this one.  The low arms aren’t as pretty to me, but they are perfect for reading, laptops or napping.  Plus, Matilda enjoys perching herself on the arms like a little puggly gargoyle.

I didn’t purchase any end tables- my first trip to IKEA meant that I needed so much, that after 3 hours of searching, I ran out of steam and no longer could remember what my apartment looked like.  I liken it to perfume shopping- eventually your nose stops working.  I figured that I could always come back to pick out end tables, a rug and some more accent pieces and lighting- my first trip to IKEA cost me about $1200 since I needed literally everything to start a home- a couch, dining room table, dresser, storage, additional seating and some kitchen accessories.

Mickey Mouse Itty Bittys - home tour for the holidays frugalbeautiful.com

That being said, this end table was found last year in a Chicago alleyway. It serves as an excellent laptop charging station and best of all- it has a vintage aesthetic (vintage is another word for “charmingly beat up”) and was free.  Really, the best part was that it was free!

My Raging Feminist Sociological Bookshelf…

I think it’s about time I made a confession- I am a total feminist.  Yes, that is probably the only thing Beyonce and I have in common.  I’m sort of middle of the aisle when it comes to politics, but I have a ardent admiration of all of America’s First Ladies.  It doesn’t matter to me what party is in office, I have nothing but respect for the First Lady and pretty much absorb any book, Netflix documentary or article on them.

It’s my dream to be followed by the FLOTUS on Twitter and I’m pretty sure my dream job would be to run the First Lady’s Twitter and Instagram accounts.  White House, if you’re hiring, I don’t care what party is in office, please let me tweet for the FLOTUS. I promise I will be excellent.

Also, before you think my bookshelf is raunchy, Sex At Dawn, while seemingly sexy, is a book about evolutionary biology, Darwinism and the reproductive progression of primates….so sorry to disappoint you, but it is not very 50-Shades-esque.  I just find science to be so, so sexy.

Anne Taintor …word on the slopes, she was fast!  frugalbeautiful.com

“The word on the slopes was, she was fast!” I love you Anne Taintor.  I have a collection of her snarky takes on vintage ads in postcard form, I love swapping them out based on the season.  She is known for her giggle inducing gems like “She liked imaginary men best of all,” and “The the misteltoe wasn’t the only thing that was going to get hammered.” (seen here which I wish I had to frame, ha!).

Holiday Home Tour - frugalbeautiful.com

I didn’t have a lot of Christmas decorations to work with this year- most of it is still packed away in a storage unit, waiting to be sorted.  I seem to have gravitated to a theme of bright white and glitter this season.  This season, to me, is all about letting as much light into my life as possible- otherwise, it’d be a dark winter.  Let the light shine in!

Toys For Tots- Donating Hello Kitty, Frozen, Snow White & Marvel …it's going to be a fun Christmas

Alright, my favorite part about my decorations is the collection of toys I have waiting to be donated.  Last year, I got most of these on clearance from Target- but I was able to score this adorable Frozen Dress and Snow White Fischer Price toys at 40-50% off using the Cartwheel App.  I was hesitant to buy clothes for a toy drive (sizing is always a problem), but the deal was so good to pass up and I know this Elsa dress makes girls go gaga, so let’s hope it makes a little one happy this year!

Every year, I celebrate by going toy shopping.  I’m really excited about this year’s haul since everything I got was 40-70% off!  So, for now, the toys will serve as a good decoration until they’re ready for Santa’s sleigh.

Cheers to that! Go Be A Legend

After much shifting, sorting, dusting and organizing, it was time to celebrate a little.  Someday, when I get champagne flutes I love as much of this wine glass (purchased in New Orleans, but you can find it online), I will start drinking my champagne in modestly sized portions.  Until then, I think this photo pretty much sums up my attitude lately- celebrate in big gulps and don’t wait for anyone’s permission to find your bliss.  If a girl wants to be a legend, she should go ahead and be one. Cheers to that!

I hope to have more pictures up when I get the bedroom finished and I’m brave enough to put nails in the wall.  Until then, I wish you all a happy holiday season that is frugal, beautiful and filled with light and love.


Happy holidays & lots of love!


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16 responses to “(My New) Home For The Holidays ….A First Look At My New Apartment”

  1. Your new space is GORGEOUS! Also love Sex at Dawn – if people saw the crazy sex books on my shelves they’d probably look at me funny.

  2. Betsy says:

    Your place looks fabulous so far! What neighborhood are you in now?

  3. Super cute! Love the pillow on your couch!


  4. Laura says:

    Cheers is right! Your place looks incredible, and I love your bookshelf shot! Also super happy that you are a feminist and proud! Looks like some awesome role models are in your reading nook.
    xo, Laura

  5. Michelle says:

    Your new apartment looks great! I love how you have decorated it.

  6. moneystepper says:

    Congratulations – the apartment is already looking amazing. I really like the cases at the end of the sofa – that’s a lovely little touch!!

  7. Jenny McDonald says:

    I’ve been in my place for two months now, and also have absolutely zero things nailed to the wall. I’m afraid to commit to the holes! Once you get your stuff nailed down, send me over some advice on how to make a decision 😉

  8. Nina says:

    Your place looks so lovely! We are in a similar spot, except I wasn’t engaged but we were together for over 5 years. I moved into my mom’s condo and I’ve been saving money and bought a condo. I’m with you on needing everything to start a home and that couch looks perfect!!! I am loving that end table as well. Best wishes for 2015!

  9. Melissa says:

    Oh my gosh, your place is beautiful! Can you come decorate mine? I LOVE those suitcases you have with all your plants. Absolutely gorgeous. You go girl!

  10. Emmie says:

    So pretty, Shannyn! You’ve done such an amazing job with it in a short period of time.

  11. LindseyR. says:

    Love the new place! You’ve had made it fabulous just like you. I am so excited for your next adventure.

  12. Your apartment is so beautiful, Shannyn! Maybe you can be my advisor when I *finally* have a place in the States again. Wishing you a happy holiday and hope all is well!

  13. Your apartment looks stunning! I love how bright it is and I like how you’ve incorporated the vintage suitcases. I have some old suitcases which may do the job for me as well! Thanks for the idea and for sharing your beautiful home.

  14. Flonnie Louise says:

    I love that you used your luggage as a table top for your plants. It’s a total space saver plus the combination of colors is just so pleasing to me.


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