Happy Halloween! #TrickTreat

October 28, 2015

Halloween Memories With Kmart

Did you know that more that 67% of American’s believe that Halloween isn’t just for kids? More and more people consider Halloween to be a family event and this year since Halloween falls on a Saturday, it’s a great excuse to dress up and take part in the fun fall events and activities!

Who else is excited about Halloween this year?  This year, we’ve been celebrating by attending Halloween dog meetups and are hoping to have a small get together with some friends and locals to enjoy some frugal partying at home….paired with a dance party down at Navy Pier late into the night!

In years past, Halloween was always a thing- even when I was in graduate school and living on a really limited income.  My awesome roomie and I went out two years in a row to bar hop and explore Chicago.  I remember a whole lot of Snooki costumes from the Jersey Shore, and I totally do not miss that being a trend!

I always seem to go as something fun and colorful- I’ve been a tiger (it was so frugal that it was essentially just ears and eyeliner with a black dress!), Sookie Stackhouse (essentially just a shirt and hair in a pony tail) and of course, two years ago, I was Hello Kitty.  This year, I have an awesome thrifted unicorn costume I put together, but for the dancing portion of our evening, I will be sporting a couple’s costume as a crayon and a crayon box.

Yup, a crayon and a crayon box. You got it.

Honestly, I really wanted to just be a pink crayon.  My boyfriend, being the awesome dude he is, after pouring over lots of options (including Princess Peach and Mario and some very, very ridiculous ideas that quite frankly made my eyes roll way too hard to be a thing I’d actually wear in public), we settled on this one.  I can tell you, I still don’t know how or why he agreed to be a crayon box, but I assure you all, he will be well rewarded with some dancing, good drinks hopefully, a costume that wasn’t going to as troublesome as our other idea- being a takeout box and a bottle and sriracha.

Honestly, there is no other way I could get my fella to look like a box of crayons without Halloween as an excuse- it’s just a time of year that we can get away with just a little bit more for the sake of fun…and a couple’s costume contest! 😉

Our Halloween Ideas For 2015

Minion / Super Dog / Crayola Pooch /Mr. T Pug /  Pink Crayon Ladies Costume / Crayola Crayon Box Costume


At Kmart, they make it easy to find ridiculously awesome costumes that are a treat for the entire family. They have more than 5,000 awesome costumes – from Minions™ to Marvel’s Avengers™ both in store and online at Kmart.com.



In Store Promotions:

On Saturday, October 31st, Kmart is your destination for Halloween fun! The first 100 kids 12 years old or younger will receive a free fun size candy bar at every Kmart store location. Plus, if you wear your costumes, you will receive a coupon for 5% off of your total purchase of $30 or more that day.

Get ready for Halloween and visit your local Kmart store or shop online at Kmart.com/Halloween for all your Halloween needs!



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  1. My favorite thing about this entire post might be the mention of Halloween dog meet ups. I hope you’ll chronicle your costumes on Instagram. Happy Halloween!

  2. Can’t wait to see your Halloween pics, especially now that you said what they are! lol I’m not sure I could get my man to go as a box… HA

  3. Joules says:

    The crayon and crayon box idea is too cute for a couple. Love it!

    Lifestyle by Joules


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