Frugal Living: How To Save Money On Running & Fitness

April 8, 2014


This week we’re tackling another reader question via vlog. I get asked for advice on how to save money on running and fitness quite often, so I’ve got some advice to help you save money!

If you’re trying to save money on running, time needs to be on your side.  Wait to make purchases, sign up for races early to get the best rate, buy your gear off season and sign up for mailing lists to get the early bird rate.   The best way to utilize time to save money on running though is this- don’t go crazy with gear, wait to purchase things until you’re sure you want it, need it or can use it.

When I started running I didn’t know what I needed or what was worth investing the money in. After two months of regular running, I rewarded myself with some new gear.  I kid you not though- I was so broke I only had one outfit for the first month or two.  I didn’t want to waste money on gear if I hated running, so I would go for a run (and it was only like a half mile at a time, I was out of shape!) and then wash it with detergent in the sink, airing it out to dry.

As you get to know your body, the weather, and what annoys you while out on a run- then get more gear.  Buying a bunch of add-ons before you know if you really need those extras like running sunglasses and compression sleeves is a kind of silly.



Fave Running Sites or Apps:

Daily Mile

CharityMiles App

Nike+ App

Map My Run


Fave Places To Get Discounted Running Gear:

Zulily (just got some great Under Armour compression gear!)

Target (great for socks, tops and cute accessories)

Amazon ($4 armbands, great way to stock up on discontinued faves)


I would love to answer more questions on my vlog next week- be sure to send me questions so I can tackle them via vlog!



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10 responses to “Frugal Living: How To Save Money On Running & Fitness”

  1. lindsay says:

    I usually always pay the extra $10-15 bucks to upgrade a race t-shirt to a technical t. It’s cheaper than buying a technical shirt at the store, and then I don’t waste the cotton race shirt I wouldn’t have worn anyway. Plus I get to remember all the races I’ve done.

    • Shannyn says:

      Great advice! I haven’t done too many races lately that had an upgrade option (simply because most just charge you more for the luxury, haha!) but when I had one, it’s a smart idea to upgrade to a shirt you’ll actually use!

      I need to go through some of my old race shirts I don’t wear often and figure out what to do with them. My Disneyland Half shirt was way too big (unisex, ugh) and they didn’t have anything in my size. Hmmm

      • Lauren says:

        Check out this site, I’m contemplating using it for all my old t-shirts from high school that just sit there and gather dust.

        Also, I think i’m going to do a post on stores that you can find affordable workout/running gear that you wouldn’t expect. Like, uh, gap! Their GapFit line is so great and they have 40% off sales all the time!

        kbye 🙂

        • Shannyn says:

          hhhheeeeyyyy gggiiirrrrlllll.

          I haven’t tried GAP yet, but I know Target has some good stuff so I would hope Le Gap would too… I usually get distracted by all of their other goodies in there 😉

      • Great advice. I love your blog. I am also all about saving money, and I’ve had to live on a budget for most of my life especially when I was living in a big city. Will definitely be checking back to see what great deals you’ve been finding =)

        Feel free to check out my blog too if you have some time =)

  2. Rebecca Jo says:

    I buy for the next season. At Target when things go on clearance, I snag up – so I just bought all sort of wicking goodies for next winter… & I’m ready for summer with the things I bought at the beginning of winter.

    Its easy to get caught in the trap of “MUST GET ALL GADGETS” but no, you don’t really NEED any of them (except shoes)

  3. Jackie K says:

    Haven’t seen your vlogs before, but I love this one. I agree in skipping the effort to chase after tops for running. I have so many race tees now, that I can’t enjoy all of them. In the summer I do prefer tanks, but I bought 3 at end of season sales, and have been able to enjoy them since. I trained for my first marathon without a garmin or even an app to track distance. Simply a stopwatch on my ipod nano and to measure distance were enough to get me to the starting line. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the fun accessories and gadgets, but running doesn’t really require it.

    • Shannyn says:

      Huge kudos that you’ve done a marathon Jackie! I still haven’t worked my way up to a marathon yet but I hope to soon. Mapmyrun is a fun tool!

  4. lORI says:

    You should be careful with advising people about fitness without certificate in fitness I have a cert in fitness and I know that you can’t push yourself or advise those without knowing correct info when you are not a fitness expert.

    • Shannyn says:

      Hi Lori,
      Thanks for the comment. The video was about saving money on fitness and how I personally save money on running and fitness- I am not advising anyone at any time in this video on how to run or fitness routines to try, just to clarify. Thanks!

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