Frugal Home Decorating: Ways To Use Canvas Prints To Display Artwork In Your Home

December 10, 2021

Artwork is a way to express one’s creativity, especially around the house. Of course, if you want to go the traditional way of decorating your home, filling your home with actual paintings and artist reproductions from a gallery can get pricey fast.  

One way to display artwork without breaking the bank is by using canvas prints. This is a creative and frugal way to show off your paintings, drawings, and sketches at scale and put them on full display. You can have the prints made from the originals, or you can create copies from your computer. If you choose to make copies, you can use software such as Photoshop to create high-quality prints.


When you look at, you will realize that canvas prints come in different sizes, and you can choose the one that best suits your artwork. Here are six ways you could use canvas prints in your home:


Decorating With Gallery Walls

If you’re looking for a way to showcase your artwork and family photos in a big way, then consider creating a gallery wall. A gallery wall is made up of a variety of mediums, including paintings, drawings, sketches, and photographs.  You can also mix unframed canvas prints you’ve ordered online with prints you’ve ordered online. You can either go with a themed gallery wall or mix and match different pieces to create a more eclectic look. 

To create a gallery, wall, you first need to measure the space to hang it. Once you have the dimensions, you can start planning the layout of your gallery wall pieces.  Gallery walls are a great way to show off your artwork in an uncluttered manner and tie various pieces together that may have otherwise been scattered around your home.

A key tip to having a cohesive gallery wall is to find either one color or one idea that ties it all together even if it’s displayed in a very untraditional way by mixing canvases, framed works and even shelving.  Very quickly, and without a lot of measuring, it a gallery wall can add a cohesive sense of style and sophistication to your home’s look.


Add Personal Mementos

Whether you live alone or with other people, everyone loves receiving gifts! If you’re looking for a unique housewarming gift, ordering a canvas print of the family’s milestone moments is personal and heartwarming.

You can print out photos or images that have sentimental value to you and put them up on the wall. Not only will this make their home more personal, but it’ll also be a great way to help them settle in to a new home or celebrate a personal milestone like an anniversary or a new baby.


Cover An Ugly Wall

A lot of homes have at least one wall that’s not particularly attractive.  This is especially true for entryways and awkward hallways.

Maybe it’s an exposed brick wall, or the plaster is starting to crack and show through, or if you have an interior utility panel, these are notoriously ugly. In these cases, canvas prints can be a great way to cover it up and make the wall look nicer. Just make sure you choose prints that will complement the overall decor of the room.


Spice Up The Hallway

Another common and affordable decorating hack is to put wall art in the hallway, just as you enter your home or office. That is because it’s one of the first rooms people see when they walk into a building, so looking at something different can help catch their attention.

Canvas prints are also ideal for this room as they come in many different styles, colors, and shapes. Therefore, whichever way you want to go, then a canvas print can be a helpful tool for this area.


In the Nursery

Kids’ rooms are always fun to decorate, and there are many intriguing ways to make them special. One way is by using canvas prints as wall treatments. You can use their favorite characters or scenes from their favorite stories to decorate their walls. That will help them feel more at home in the room and also allow you to teach them about art appreciation.

Most importantly, when choosing artwork for the nursery, it’s always important to consider the child’s age and interests. If you have a toddler or infant, then simple prints with bright colors and adorable designs are probably the way to go. In contrast, more mature artwork might be better suited if you have a school-aged child.

Whichever route you choose, make sure that the art will engage and inspire your child.


As A Centerpiece & Focal Point

Nothing draws more attention than a striking piece that stops people in their tracks. To turn heads, why not use a single striking image as a bold focal point? Printed on high-quality archival canvas, this art medium is sure to grab the attention of everyone who enters your home, creating both instant style and conversation pieces wherever it’s hung.

For example, try positioning one massive canvas above the fireplace or sofa in your living room for an eye-catching statement piece. You can also try using large canvas prints as a centerpiece for your dining room table or even your coffee table. By doing that, you will show off your personality and style while also providing a place for guests to gather around.

When it comes to displaying artwork in your home, there are endless possibilities! But if you’re looking for a tried-and-true way to show off your favorite pieces, then canvas prints are the way to go. Not only are they affordable and easy to hang, but they’re also portable and lightweight, making them easy to switch up or remove altogether if you wish.


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