Be Prepared: Frugal Gift Giving

April 17, 2018

Practice frugal gift giving by being prepared! Here are some of my favorite ways to save on gifts and gift-wrap, without looking cheap!

Building a small gift inventory is one of my favorite frugal tips.  When you have the time and money to, get a really personal, thoughtful gift.  When you don’t have the time or money, having something on-hand for an last minute event or celebration could be a lifesaver! 

I always have a few gifts on-hand (usually purchased on clearance or saved as a re-gift) for last minute housewarming and dinner parties, birthdays, or when I can’t afford to run out and buy something.   Having a hassle-free gift with the right wrapping can make a great statement for a small price! And guess what? Frugal gift giving doesn’t have to be hard. Here’s the proof…..

Ideas for Frugal Gift Giving

Gift Wrap

Always Keep Gift Wrap On Hand – This is key to saving time and money!

Having small gifts on hand – whether it be a tea light or a nice bar of chocolate – can make a profound impression when it’s unexpected.  Being prepared, to reciprocate for a friend’s help or an invitation to an event, is a great way to foster an “attitude of gratitude,” without having to break the bank! For even more great options, check out my Frugal Gift Ideas Pinterest Board.

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