Frugal Feature: When Should You Hire a Child Custody Lawyer

February 6, 2020

Today’s frugal feature is written by a guest contributor.  For anyone that’s experiencing the tumult of a divorce, knowing when and how to call in for backup can be an additional stress.  Lawyers aren’t cheap, but we hope this article is helpful to help manage cost. 

It is tough for a couple to decide child custody after going through a rough phase of divorce. It would be an easy process if both parents were to work out a child custody agreement amicably. But, the process, in many cases, is not a smooth one, and the best option is to look for a reputable child custody lawyer to help settle the matter legally.

You don’t have to undergo this process alone. Instead, you can get help from a professional child custody attorney, according to the legal team at Divorce Matters, who are reputable in child custody issues. Of course, there’s a lot at stake when your child is involved, and sometimes it becomes hard to tell what’s best. Even then, here are a couple of things you should consider before hiring a child custody lawyer.

Weigh the Complexity of the Case

Whenever parents find themselves stuck in the child custody process, the quick advice they get is to hire a lawyer. Unless you, as a parent, are well versed and properly equipped with the legal requirement regarding child custody, you should never opt to represent yourself. Some cases are complex to deal with, and that’s where a child custody lawyer who has years of experience comes in to help you demystify legal procedures and terms that may be tricky for you. For instance, interstate child custody cases are considered complex type.

If you weigh the case and determine to be complex, get a professional custody lawyer to beat the process. If you lose a child custody case for lack of preparedness can negatively affect you, especially financially, in fact, the favor goes to the other parent.

Consider your Financial Status

The process of hiring a lawyer depends on your capability to provide the required legal fee to cover the process. Sometimes the retainer for child custody can be quite expensive, depending on various aspects, including how many hours, days, weeks, or even months it may take to resolve the case. Also, it varies depending on the state in which you live. Before you commit to take legal services blindly, enquire about the anticipated costs up front.

If the fees go beyond your financial resources to hire a child custody lawyer, other options may favor you. Parents who are unable to hire a custody child lawyer are entitled to free legal support or low-cost representation via the family court. In some conditions, the court may base your entitlement to free representation on your current financial status.

Consider the Attorney’s Reputation

When considering the right lawyer to represent your case is not someone with a reputation for losing cases. You need somebody to help quicken the process and with a reputation for winning child custody cases. It is your case and money that is involved; therefore, don’t feel shy to request for references.

No parents decide to get entangled in child custody legal battles, and since this may happen only once in your life, get somebody with experience. If you qualify for free representation, be picky about the lawyer’s reputation for winning child custody, especially contested cases that necessitate representation in court.


When should you hire a child custody lawyer? You need a child custody lawyer to help interpret legal requirements and processes that you are not familiar with. Also, hiring a lawyer helps to speed up the process rather than handling the case yourself. If you are not sure where to get a good lawyer, ask family and friends to give you trusted referrals they have worked with before.


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