Frugal Fashion: Hello Granny! Kate Spade, Lauren Conrad For Kohls & Vera Wang

May 29, 2014

Frugal Fashion-I don't pay full price for Kate Spade, ever

Top:  Lauren Conrad for Kohls / Pants:  Simply Vera for Kohls / Shoes:  Miz Mooz via Hautelook

I love Kate Spade & Vera Wang, but I don’t pay full price for them, ever.  If I can find anything they do at a discount through outlets, flash sales or a mid-level store collaboration, I’m going to go for it.

When I got ready to go out the other day, I looked in the mirror and with the white pants, the scarf and the big earrings I totally thought of my Gram.  Most young guns like myself don’t seem to think old ladies have a sense of style, but I beg to differ. My Gram was 89 and I absolutely adored her, and her fashions.  When she passed, one of the hardest parts was cleaning out her closets in the home we shared for 6 years and donating her garments to charity. I knew that was what she wanted, but each scarf, each blouse and many of her clip-on earrings (she didn’t have pierced ears) told a story.  After donating most of her fashion to her favorite charity, her closets were just another manifestation of the giant empty spots her passing left in my life.

That was 6 years ago this August, but her legacy still inspires both my life and my fashion.  I put this outfit together to go sell our car at Carmax and go to the Outlet Mall to snag some stuff for our upcoming engagement shoot.


Kate Spade Lemon Handbag With Tassle

Gram was also a deal hunter- so in Gram style, I snagged this Kate Spade Alessa cross body from the outlet.  Originally, it retailed for $349, but I snagged it for $103.25.   I got it 40% off (outlet price of $239), plus 20% off for Easter, and finally- an additional 10% off for the scuff marks that couldn’t be buffed out.


Miz Mooz Shoes..Snagged 'em on Hautelook for a big discount!

I snagged these Miz Mooz two years ago on HauteLook, a flash deal site that I LOVE for like 60% off.  I’ve gotten some great deals there and it remains to be one of my favorite sites other than Zulily.  Today, Hautelook has Kate Spade on flash sale… so seriously, you should check it out.  Yesterday, Zulily had Shabby Apple…. these sites are the only time I gleefully go over budget.  It’s bad but so, so good.

Also- I hate feet pictures… and my pedi needed some work in this photo- but I am. getting. over. it.  Yes, I will not photoshop my damn feet.


Frugal Fashion- Kate Spade Scarf, Lauren Conrad for Kohls Top, Vera Wang for Kohls Sunglasses

Headband:  Headbands of Hope /  Earrings: Target ($3 on clearance baby!) /
Sunglasses: Simply Vera for Kohls / Scarf:  Kate Spade

I don’t care if I looked granny-esque.  The earrings, scarf, white pants and flowy top totally remind me of my Gram and to me, that’s an excellent thing.

I’m still working on getting comfortable in front of the camera, and quite frankly- learning how to dress frugally without limiting myself to just jeans and tees.  When I was super broke in graduate school- trying to be fashionable on $800 of income a month wasn’t just daunting, it was depressing.  I was so broke for so long, that I finally feel I’m able to explore again…so obviously I’m not as polished as most fashion bloggers out there, nor do I think I’ll be joining the ranks of the esteemed fashion elite any time soon.

For now, I’ll just give a nod to Gram and scope out my little deals when I can.

Kate Spade Handbag in Lemon Yellow & SoCal Roadmap Scarf

Have you seen the blog Advanced Style?  These older ladies will make you swoon.  Seriously. I love each and every one of these women

“Elegance is not standing out, but being remembered.”
-Giorgio Armani


Here’s to you Gram.  



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3 responses to “Frugal Fashion: Hello Granny! Kate Spade, Lauren Conrad For Kohls & Vera Wang”

  1. My college friends always used to tell me I dressed like a grandma… to me, that was never a bad thing. Love that top. Your Gram sounds like she was a stylish lady!

  2. Nicola says:

    That bag is so gorgeous!! I need to get on this canary yellow thing. I wish Lauren had a collection in the UK as her style is just flawless… xx

    something like nicola

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I love this look! Absolutely love the scarf! I’m sure your grandmother is very proud of your look. 🙂


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