Decluttering 101: Stress Free Decluttering Tips To Help You Take Back Your Space

March 18, 2013

Decluttering 101: Stress-free declutterng tips to help you take back your space.

Decluttering is usually one of the most emotional portions of redecorating, moving or simply reappropriating a room in your house.  Any time you’re ready to change your space, it can be totally draining to have to face a mountain of stuff- most of which stays with us not because we want it, but because we feel compelled to keep it.

Most of are stuff keeps us feeling suffocated because we’re stuck in emotional attachments to them- guilt, buyer’s remorse, procrastination, obligation to keep lugging stuff around, disorganization.  If you’re ready to declutter but you just can’t seem to face your stuff, there may be some emotions you need to address before you move forward.

Here’s Why It Pays To Declutter:


How To Take The Emotion Out Of Decluttering:

Often, many of us are derailed on our attempts to declutter and reorganize because we have an unrealistic attachment to the stuff we own. These unhealthy attachments fall into Someday stuff: “Someday I’ll finish this quilt!”, Guilt stuff: “If I hadn’t gained so much wait, I’d still be able to wear this”  and Obligatory stuff: “My aunt gave me this and if I don’t keep it, she’ll ask me about it.”


Dealing With The “Someday Stuff”

A.K.A. Unfinished Projects & The Clutter That Goes With It

Last year, when I moved out of my first Chicago apartment, I had to deal with the fact that I was looking at some major unfinished craft projects and it really irked me that they weren’t done, yet I didn’t have the gumption to tackle them.  Would it make you feel better just to toss them?  If you’re insistant they get done- set a date to get them done, mark it on the calendar, otherwise, toss or donate them. Unless you’re willing to commit to a finish date, they wont’ get done.


Dealing With The “Guilt Stuff”

A.K.A. Pants That Don’t Fit, Clothes You Bought But Never Wore & Other Impulse Buys

It looked so cute on the rack, then you got home with good intentions but you never wore it.  Or, perhaps with weight loss or gain, you no longer fit into clothes you used to but they’re still “good” clothes.  Remind yourself, that clothes and clutter, if gone unused or simply driving you crazy does no one any good.  If you’re feeling guilty about wasting money, you don’t get that money back by having it hanging in your closet- donate it or sell it to recoop the costs or finally make that item useful to another person who can finally use it.  Dust collectors help no one.

If you’re feeling guilty about weight gain, holding onto a little black dress that doesn’t fit anymore doesn’t help you lose weight or get active.  If you’re happy with your weight or simply don’t feel like changing, that’s okay too- but holding on to old stuff as a reminder of the fun times you had sporting it, serves no one- it just keeps you stuck in the past.


Dealing With “Obligatory Stuff”

A.K.A. Stuff You’re Holding On For Other People But Don’t Want

We often hold onto our stuff for other people- gifts we didn’t like but hold onto in fear we could hurt feelings, or magazines we intend on giving to a friend, just lots and lots of clutter that we don’t want, yet we feel holding onto it honors other people.  Well hun, it doesn’t.

If you have a gift that you’ll fear an auntie will be crushed if you donate, perhaps let her know you had another friend who absolutely adored it and you passed it onto her to brighten her home (even if that friend is a random stranger at the thrift store, she doesn’t need to know). If you have things you’ve been holding onto for a friend for over a month or you keep forgetting to give to her- there might be a reason you haven’t passed it on so go ahead and donate, toss it or put it in your purse, car or put it in the mail right now!  Anything that doesn’t give you the warm fuzzies should be on it’s way to GONE.


Quick Decluttering Tips To Remember


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13 responses to “Decluttering 101: Stress Free Decluttering Tips To Help You Take Back Your Space”

  1. Meridith says:

    I know in my area there is a FB page where you can post things you no longer have a need for and then others can buy it from you. Sort of like a more localized Craigslist. It’s fantastic because you can declutter AND make some cash.

    • Shannyn says:

      Meridith- that’s awesome! I think it really helps to cut the emotional attachment when you know your stuff is going to a good home. 🙂

  2. Simone says:

    Love these tips! They’re very similar to ones I try and follow myself. It’s crazy how much emotion and energy we attach to objects and how good it feels to let that go by de-cluttering.

  3. Ugh! I love keeping things forever. I always seem to be in need of de-cluttering and throwing things away or donating them. These are great tips…someday I will be this organized rock star…someday!

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  5. This is great, I just set myself another goal today to get organised, I need to de-clutter and get things done so this post is a great help! Thanks!

  6. Spring cleaning eh? It is SO time to do this to my apartment. Before I moved in, I thought I de-cluttered, but um… no. Round 2 is happening a.s.a.p. I think it is a good habit to get into to clean out your space once or twice a year. It is amazing how much of your clothes you don’t like anymore after a year and the “junk” that you thought you might use that starts to feel stressful. Time for me to de-clutter! Thanks for the helpful post reminder. 🙂

  7. 800 Hope says:

    Great post! Frugality is the lifeblood of being debt-free!

  8. Lynn says:

    Just dropping in to remind you it’s “Stress-Free” and “Debt-Free” …. the hyphen connects them and needs to be there. Love your blog!

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  10. Donna Knox says:

    Like your tips! I’m moving soon and there came the moment to start decluttering. I have tons of old stuff and getting rid if it is essential for me. If I manage to at least halve everything I own, it will be great and moving to the new place will go great. Thank you for the advises and the tips!

  11. Ryan Scott says:

    Your blog is very interesting. It will make the move more easy.


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