Don’t Be Alone In Debt This Year- Get Fabulous & Get Free!

January 4, 2012

It’s A New Year.  It’s Time To Give Yourself Permission to Celebrate Your Life & Celebrate Your Money.

You’re human.  Chances are, like all of us- you’ve made some bad choices in the past with your money, or life happened and you were caught off guard with expenses, leaving you in debt.   Let it go.  

Turn a new page and walk in the wisdom that you have the strength to get out of, or stay out of debt in 2012, and now, you have the support.

If you’re facing what seems to be insurmountable debt, give yourself a pat on the back.  You’ve come to the right place.  If you’re recently paid off your debt- congratulations to you!  You have a place here too!  I’m calling for you to become a Debt Free Diva- either vowing to pay down your debt or to vow to stay out of debt with consistency!

If you’re serious about getting or staying debt free- join my collection of phenomenal women who have taken the pledge to be a Debt Free Diva, I’ve saved a spot just for you!

Several phenomenal women have taken the pledge here.  I know it sounds scary to make that kind of public commitment, but isn’t that the kind of push you might be needing to stay accountable?  Nobody’s perfect, and we aren’t asking you to be- what we are asking you to do is to try, and take that first step in joining a community that is here to support you.  Being a Debt Free Diva is a community and a lifestyle that we are all working on together, and nobody’s here to judge.

 What we all want for you is to be debt free, have some support in getting wise with your money and celebrate your successes, dust you off when you have a bad day, and work on being financially free together.


If you’re ready for something new, something bold and to be financially free no matter what you’re bringing to the table- head to the Debt Free & Fabulous page and get ready!

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2 responses to “Don’t Be Alone In Debt This Year- Get Fabulous & Get Free!”

  1. christina moore says:

    would love to debt free my gold this year

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