Ten Dangerously Adorable DIY Dog Costumes

August 27, 2018

While you’re buried under face paint and tulle trying to piece together the most unique Halloween costume ever, it’s important we don’t forget about having our furry friends join in on the fun! Whether you’re a veteran dog mom or currently fostering a pup (go you!), these awesome DIY puppy costumes will make sure your canine can join in on all the fun!

As always, avoid small parts and anything that could be dangerous for your pet to ingest (no hairspray is worth it). Otherwise, make one of the cool designs that are not only adorable, but comfy for your doggie to adorn.

New for 2018: We get it, not everyone has the time to DIY their own pet costumes. So this year, we have included some similar store bought costumes to the handmade ones.

DIY pet costume Sushi Roll by Eat Sleep Make

Alternatively, this adorable Sushi Pet Costume starts at $16 on Amazon.

DIY Pet Costume TY Beanie Baby by Pugemonium

For a simpler approach, grab some cardstock and print out this TY tag. Attach with a ribbon or string and voila! Instant beanie baby!

DIY pet costume Spider Dog by Buy Costumes Ideas Blog

Or consider this inexpensive – and horrifically creepy – Tarantula Costume starting at $14.

DIY pet costume Chia Pet by The Flirty Guide

The Chia Pet costume is so unique, there’s absolutely nothing like it for sale. But you can grab one of several cute Camo Costumes on Amazon.

diy pet costume Rocket Dog by Costumes Works

Or save time by picking up a Rocket or Astronaut Costume on Amazon. There are several options to choose from.

diy pet costume Business Man by HGTV

Or for less than $20, grab an entire Business Suit for your dog. So adorable and snazzy.

diy pet costume Poop Factory by Turtles and Tails

Yes, believe it or not, you can actually purchase a Poop Factory costume for your doggie. Wasn’t expecting that one, let me tell you!

diy pet costume Thing 1 and Thing 2 by Farmhouse 38

For a simpler and easier look, grab these Thing 1 and Thing 2 dog shirts.

diy pet costume Unicorn Costume by Live Colorful

There are a large number of Unicorn Costumes available for your pet; everything from adorable to the ridiculous. Check them all out here.

diy pet costume Monster Dog by DIY Network

Much like with the unicorn, there are tons of different Monster Costumes for your dog (or cat) on Amazon. This one is my personal favorite, but check out the entire selection to decide for yourself.

Do you dress up your pup up for Halloween?

Have a happy Halloween and enjoy these DIY dog costumes, you can make ’em at home and take ’em out for a fun, furry night on the town!



Love Halloween SO much that you just have to include your pooch? Friend, we've got you covered with these adorable and hilarious DIY dog costumes.

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  1. Alyse says:

    I would love to do this! But I need two things in order to do it. 1) a super cute costume or sewing machine and 2) a dog. I think I need that second thing first. ^_^ lol


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