A Creepy Letter I Wrote To Myself Over A Year Ago and The Power of Attraction

May 9, 2013

Many people roll their eyes when they hear someone citing the “power of attraction,” or the importance of a positive mental attitude-  ever since the commercialization of The Secret and the commercialization of self-help by what feels like a million “self help gurus,” many of us are rightfully annoyed by anyone piping up about all that “power of attraction” mumbo jumbo, I myself, am one.

For the past year, my life has undergone a complete overhaul.  This time last year, I was getting ready to graduate with my master’s degree in sociology and was totally deflated about the idea.  I had moved to Chicago two years prior to get my M.A. with the idea I would earn my Ph.D. and become a college professor, but within weeks of starting the program, I realized that I was walking down the wrong road.  I could see the path before me, crumbling at my feet as the economic and political realities of working in my “dream field” began to sour before my eyes.

By the time I was approaching graduation last spring (I finished the degree simply to get my money’s worth, apparently universities have a no-refund policy and you can’t put “1/2 a M.A.” on a resume), my whole life was in tumult.  I knew I didn’t want to be a professor early on in my program, so I began to build a blog and discovered a more applied sociological approach to work- I wanted to work in marketing, not academics.  I built the blog up enough to get me through school and launched my own social media consulting business, Cake Mix Media.

I knew that graduation was coming fast and that moving on from the rough patch in my life as a graduate student meant serious and swift change.  I was unsure of what would come but I had to have faith that anything would have been better than the life I’d been living-  on $800 a month, on dates that went nowhere, unsure about my career and hoping for more.

I had dreams I didn’t want to admit-  I wanted to have a partner I could depend on (yep, I wanted a boyfriend..and not just any boyfriend..a damn good one!), I wanted work that I loved, a place I could call home and the ability to travel, explore and experience the world.  Coming from two years of rough living on low income and endless course work I didn’t find fulfilling, this seemed like a lofty venture, especially to myself.
I wrote the below “Future Me” letter in February, 2012. I scheduled it to send on a random day a year later and totally forgot about it.  The email arrived in my inbox, the day I started my dream job as a social media coordinator for a racing company I’ve admired since I started running last year… (cue creepy music here).


a letter to my future self


As I write this letter- things in this note came true.  The email arrived on a date I randomly picked over a year ago- not knowing what the future would hold, and it arrived the day I started at my new company.

A year ago I was deeply dissatisfied that my life was “frugal” but not very “beautiful.”  I had been working multiple jobs as I grew my freelancing gigs, I was chronically underpaid and was living in a less than comfortable situation.  I often envied other bloggers that had a home of their own (even if it was rented, they made it feel like home) or had the extra income to do fashion posts, or chronicle their family vacations and fancy dinners.

At the time, I had to walk four blocks with a suitcase full of clothes to do my laundry- rain or shine.  I didn’t have insurance, a reliable air conditioner, a car and going to my favorite place to shop (Target) was a 40 minute train ride…and yes, I would carry everything back to the apartment.  Not to whine, but I longed for convenience, security and the things that most other people took for granted (like not having to lug back toilet paper and dog kibble in the snow after a long train ride, haha!)


I don’t write this post to boast- I am here in awe of how much things can change in a year if you sit down to admit what lacks in your life and commit to changing it.  I write this post to give you hope- if you’re not happy with how your life is going, own up to it.  If you “should” be happy, but you’re not (as I felt wanting to get a day job when everyone else seemed to be trying to strike it out on their own and bucking against the idea of a “day job”)  own up to your dissatisfaction, without judgement, and commit to changing your life- a year from now, you’ll be so surprised at how far you’ve come.  A year makes a world of difference…it’s a long time from now, but will seem like the shortest and most worthy year you’ve changed when you look back.


So…how has your life changed in a year?
Have you ever written a “future me” letter?

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15 responses to “A Creepy Letter I Wrote To Myself Over A Year Ago and The Power of Attraction”

  1. That is awesome. Thinking of stealing this and writing myself a letter too. May I? There’s still so much I want to achieve and it would be fun to discover a letter like this years from now. Thanks for the share. And congrats for reaching your goals..

  2. Theresa says:

    I am so proud of everything you have accomplished.

  3. Lawanda says:


    You truly are an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your trials with the world. You have a beautiful testimonial. I’m so happy and greatful to learn about futireme.org it reminds me of the movie 13 going on 30 when the girl wakes up to find the life she always dreamed of. If we put in the intentions today, our tomorrows will be beautiful.

  4. Megan says:

    Love this idea! I might have to take myself up on this challenge and write a letter to future me for next year. I’m struggling and kind of in the same boat – but looking forward to some opportunities. Thanks for sharing your letter!

  5. This is awesome, Shannyn! You’ve done SO MUCH in a year! I remember reading your blog when I first started, so it’s been awesome to grow with you as a reader.

    I never could have imagined where I would be this time last year. I do not have the kind of job I would have expected, and I’m having a tough time financially, but I could not be happier with my personal life. In 1 year, I hope to grow my blog even more, find a way to turn writing into income, and be happily living in Europe with Steve. (We move in a few months!)

  6. Melissa says:

    Shannyn – I am so beyond proud and excited for you!!!!! AMAZING growth in just one year – and if you put it out there, there’s possibilities! Keep it up – I can’t wait to hear about your next year and the upcoming adventures. WAY TO GO!

  7. xoxo. you’ve come a long way baby! so, so proud.

  8. Wow how inspiring Shannyn! Kudos for your hard work and all you have accomplished in a year definitely is inspiring! I find myself also in a broke life wishing I could have the house or the clothes I see others have, but thank you for the reminder that I can be happy regardless. And for the blogging inspiration. I have been blogging for the past two years about saving money and personal finance and just started a new style blog. Thanks for inspiring me since we need more style bloggers who talk about personal finance as well. I hope a tear from now to have grown up my blogs thanks to your inspiration.

  9. Sarah says:

    I think I’m going to write one of those creepy letters to myself. I’ve been in a financial rut for a while now and I decided to record it all on my blog. I’m a photographer, so I’m trying to gear it towards those who share my passion, yet have trouble affording half of the crap you need in order to do it. Writing about it helps me work harder too. Also, I featured you yesterday in my post! 🙂

  10. Natasha says:

    That is awesome.

  11. Emily says:

    This post was incredibly uplifting for me! Let us be reminded, things are not always as bad as they may seem.

  12. Anna W says:

    I wrote a “future me letter” once, it was hilarious. I realized then that so much can change in just a year, and that damn… I’m one funny chick 🙂 Ah well. At least I’m humorous. <3

  13. Sharon Siqueiros says:

    Thanks for sharing this with us!! I’ve been doing something similar for quite a few years now.
    I write a letter to myself(and a couple of times to my husband) and have him hide them somewhere we know I will eventually find them a year or so later. It’s kindof’ seasonal so I always find them a year later when I go to put on my coat or once he put it in the leg of my favorite lace-up winter boots etc etc
    Some have ended up being funny and we get a laugh and many times it’s been bittersweet…..if anything they are gentle reminders that Life IS Grand <3

  14. Never wrote a future me article. Very interesting concept to try on. Thanks for the perspective.

  15. Karen White says:

    Really great idea… I’m going to steal it!


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