We’re So Close To The Virtual Pug Run Fundraising Goal! A Few Days Left…

September 4, 2014

We need under 100 runners now to hit our crazy audacious goal of saving 26(.2) pugs… we just crossed the 200 runner mark with over $1200 in extra donations for the cause of supporting the Northern Illinois Pug Rescue!
I came back from vacation to find that we have crossed the 200 Virtual Pug Runner mark, which means we need under 100 runners to hit our fundraising goal!  I’m placing the medal order THIS WEEK so please, if you wanted to run, please sign up.  If you have signed up, can you share one last time so we can cross the goal?

We. Are. So. Close.

I may cap the registration at 275, which would put us a bit under our goal, even with the donations, but I’m nervous about placing a medal order of 300 if we only have a few days left to sell the spots…I keep wrestling with the idea- giving up on the goal prematurely, or, the possibility of having too many unsold medals and still not hitting our goal, wasting them.


Everyone has been so generous and we have Virtual Pug Runners from all over the world- including Canada, the U.K. (including Scotland), Australia and Ireland…thank you everyone!!  It has been a crazy ride, it’s amazing to think we’re so close to this goal!

If we can hit the fundraising goal, my hubby-to-be will run the Chicago Marathon in this fabulous ensemble…

Chicago Marathon Pug Wrestling Singlet


Our goal is to save 26(.2) pugs and put these rescued dogs into loving homes.  Each runner gets a super fun PUG UNICORN glitter medal and every penny beyond cost goes to the rescue efforts (no profits or shady business, all goodness!).  All around, this is a FUNdraiser…you get a medal, help some pugs, and Chris runs the Chicago Marathon in a ridiculous pug singlet.  It’s a triple win!

Sign up today, to walk or run and get your 5k, 10k or 1 miler in before October 12th- your pug unicorn medal will be mailed to you!

Pug Unicorn Medal - Register Now!  Virtual Pug Race September 2014

Because, honestly, isn’t this face worth saving?  Matilda is just one rescue pug who has benefited from this great organization and rescue efforts.

Sweet Matilda



Virtual Pug Run For Pug Rescue

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8 comments so far.

8 responses to “We’re So Close To The Virtual Pug Run Fundraising Goal! A Few Days Left…”

  1. I just entered! Is there somewhere we can follow you to get goal updates? It would be nice if the donation page had it but I didn’t see it. Good luck!!

    • Shannyn says:

      Hi Jacquelyn! I’ve been updating the totals on social- Instagram, Facebook and Twitter…but will also be updating on the blog. I think I can make an update to the race page itself, good idea!

      Thanks for your support and suggestion!!

  2. Sai gonzalez says:

    I just shared the msg on my FB good luck & hang on lots happens in the last 20% of the remaining time. I’ll say you’ll need extra medals but maybe to not waste money you can order & send medals after event date
    Good Luck

  3. Nicole says:

    I say go for 300! You have done an amazing job so far and I am positive you will hit your target and raise that money for the rescue – really admirable goal!

  4. Dawn Babb says:

    We completed our runs (my daughter and I). Can you tell me when we should get our medals? She is really excited and worked hard for it. She is 4 so a mile was a big deal to her. Please let me know. Thank you.

  5. Sarah says:

    Will you be doing this race again this year ?


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