What You Should Be Buying On Amazon

December 9, 2015

What You Should Be Buying On Amazon

I’m a huge fan of online shopping. Lately it’s become my new thing. Shopping used to be fun, but now it becomes a time sink. Driving, parking, checking out – it can really slow down your day.

That’s why I love Amazon. You can find almost anything you want from colored pencils to bachelorette party accessories (two of my most recent purchases). Plus, if you’re a Prime member, two-day shipping is free for tons of items. (Try a free 30-day Prime trial here.)

If you haven’t explored online shopping or aren’t sure how to find the best deals, read our list below to see our favorite items to shop for on Amazon.

Pet Food

When I got my dog, I realized that it meant bimonthly trips to the pet store. Unfortunately all of the big box stores were located 25 minutes away from me. Is it worth an hour of my time to buy my dog’s food? Plus, if I wanted to go less often, I’d have to buy a larger amount (and personally, I can’t carry 60 pounds of dog food up to my apartment).

When I discovered I could order dog food off Amazon, my life changed. Now I didn’t have to drive to suburbia to get my dog’s food. Plus, the prices on Amazon were cheaper than the pet store, even with their regular sales.

Now I use the Subscribe and Save program to buy her food; it saves me an extra 5% and I don’t have to worry about forgetting to order until she’s out of her kibble.


Everyone knows that books are the bees knees on Amazon, but if you are vigilant, you can get even a brand new book on a flash deal or used for super cheap.  Amazon regularly has great deals on books, whether you’re buying the latest bestseller or a classic novel. Plus, you can scour their used selection to save even more money. It’s also a great source of textbooks – you can even sell back books if you want to earn more money.

Plus, you can pre-order books, instead of driving to your local bookstore only to find out they’re sold out.


If you’re a movie junkie, buying flicks on Amazon is a must. You can find the latest releases and get them in DVD, Blu-Ray or digital form. This is awesome for people who want to display their movie collection or only keep digital versions on their laptop. No matter your preference, buying movies on Amazon is the most cost-efficient way to go.

Ink Cartridges

Whether you’re running a small business or printing photos from your latest adventure, buying ink cartridges is a necessary evil. You can do lots of cost comparison on Amazon to make sure you’re getting the best deal for your money. Plus, the subscribe and save option could be another way to ensure you’re always fully stocked and getting a great deal.

Shopping online can be a great way to save time and money. I always get distracted when I go shopping. But when you buy something online, you can search for the item you need, order it and be done. Not so easy when the new season of “Pretty Little Liars” is staring at you during the check-out counter.

Chargers, Earbuds & HDMI Cords

You can get iPhone chargers so cheap that you should really just buy a few to make sure you never run out, or put an extra in your suitcase just incase you lose one at an airport or at your last hotel.  They’re so cheap, you can buy several.  The same goes for earbuds- they can be $20 to pick up at a convenience store or airport, so just stock up in order to be sure you have a backup.

If you need extra cords of any kind- like an HDMI cord for your tv or remotes for your camera, grab a few extra so you never go without!


Daily Deals- Always Look!

If you haven’t scoured the Daily Deals section of Amazon, you are missing out!  Just today, there was a Dyson vacuum at a big discount!  You never know what you could find…always look when you’re stocking up on your other stuff!

Daily Deals On Amazon


Try using Amazon for your latest purchases and see if your spending goes down!





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  1. Jaime says:

    I love shopping online especially on Amazon. I consider Amazon like my personal assistant. I save time, gas money, and energy by shopping for 90% of my stuff online. I don’t work for them, I’m just a happy customer. I’ll buy books, movies, pantry items, toilet paper, purses and a wallet, ha I’ve even bought IZZE soda from them. 🙂


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