How A Blog Can Change Your Life (and make $ doing it)

March 12, 2012

Start A Blog That Matters

I am a full time blogger who now takes on clients for social media and brand development.  A little over year ago I was simply a deflated graduate student who was horribly dissatisfied and struggling to make end’s meet, and yes, I was miserable.  I began blogging simply to talk about frugality tips for college students who had champagne taste on not a beer, but a water budget.  I was rock-bottom broke and I wanted to cry every time I thought about a career in academia.

My blog evolved and I did too- it opened up a world of possibility and I started to dream of a better life when I saw other bloggers make it happen.  I began consuming blogs by Corbett Barr  of and Jenny Blake at I was shocked when I read that Corbett Barr was able to work from anywhere and make money blogging and was impressed that Jenny Blake was able to quit an unfulfilling job and publish a book based on the success of her blog.  Their realities became my deepest, most personal dreams.

I wanted to make my dreams a realty, so I simply started telling my story through the blog.  I did a little bit of fundraising and it enabled me to rescue my pug Ralph and it brought amazing people into my life.   I took every tidbit I could find and applied it to my blog and in October of 2011, after 9 months of blogging, I was able to quit my job and live off the income my blog created through revenue and opportunities for freelance work.

I can only imagine how much easier it would have been to go “pro” if Start A Blog That Matters was around when I first started.  In this 13 week course that is jam packed with videos, worksheets and access to discounted tools & resources to use on your blog and make it rock.

 You will be able to create an effective action plan to create a successful blog:

You know I’m a frugal girl- and I have to say, this could be the best $97 you’ve ever spent on yourself if you’re ready to create a blog that will enable your honest passions and biggest goals.  

I’ve interviewed Corbett Barr on my podcast and is a personal inspiration and a true leader in the blogging community.  He stands behind is product so strongly that if the Start A Blog That Matters Course falls short in helping you do just that, he offers you complimentary coaching to make up for it.  Considering that he charges $300 an hour for blog consulting, I think it’s safe to say that this is a solid guarantee!


I know that blogging can change your life- it’s changed mine.  I wholeheartedly stand behind Corbett Barr’s course because his material resonates with me so honestly and it’s really helped me get my blog off the ground.  If you’d like to sign up, I’d love if you’d use sign up for Start A Blog That Matters with my affiliate link.


If you have any questions about the course, know you can email me with any questions and I’d love to help you make a decision that’s right for you.  As a full-time blogger, I want whatever success I’ve had to be shared with you and I’m here to help.


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