My Big Fat Revenge Heats Up ..and the BEST Giveaway On The Blog To Date! ($500+)

October 8, 2013

Have you been tuning in to My Big Fat Revenge on Oxygen?  Check out this sneak peak from Oxygen’s My Big Fat Revenge and tune in tonight at 9pm EST!


Meet Paula On This Week’s Episode:

Just like Paula, we all have a friend that’s really a frienemy.  Someone who thinks they can build us up by tearing us down, or who won’t say what’s on their mind but take cheap shots whenever they can.  Paula has dealt with the passive aggressive remarks of her bestie for long enough- she’s not just going to confront the drunk insults, she’s going to tackle them head on- with her Big Fat Revenge!

Sound awesome?  Tune in, tonight at 9pm!  In the meantime….

We are doing an amazing giveaway with $500 in prizes for one lucky winner…you’re going to want to win this!  

One winner will receive the following ($500 value).

The giveaway is open to US residents only and will be selected randomly from the comments. Giveaway open until October 28th. Winner will be announced in my My Big Fat Revenge finale post on October 29th.


So, do you want to win this $500 prize pack? 

Tell me, what has motivated you to get healthy?  Was it the words of a doctor, the snide remarks of a frienemy?  It doesn’t have to be dramatic, but it has to be you.

Tell me what motivates you to get and stay fit in the comments below to win this amazing $500 prize pack!



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116 responses to “My Big Fat Revenge Heats Up ..and the BEST Giveaway On The Blog To Date! ($500+)”

  1. Dee says:

    After having my son 2 and 1/2 years ago, I lost 60 pounds from my severely overweight frame. Over the last year and 1/2 about 20 of those pounds crept back on, which left me feeling disappointed in myself. Adding to that, early in the summer I started to just not feel well, but I couldn’t figure out why, so I went to an endocrinologist. He diagnosed me with insulin resistance, so now I am taking back my health. I am doing this for me — so that I can feel better physically and emotionally — and I am doing this for my family — so that I am healthy and able to be the best Mom I can be. Thanks so much for the chance to win!!!

  2. There are too many reasons. For now, I just want to look good and feel good. In a couple of years, my healthy body will likely give me a healthy pregnancy. Further down the line, I want to be able to use my body well into my golden years. I don’t want obesity to cause any diseases, I want to be there for my future family, and I just want to enjoy my life!

    Great giveaway, Shannyn!

  3. Samantha says:

    What motivates me is going to sound really shallow, but I like to look good! Which in turn makes me FEEL good. I love the feeling exercise gives me, makes me feel strong and able to conquer anything.

  4. Patti says:

    What motivates me is the fit of my pants (or lack there of right now…) and the energy I have when I do stay fit and active.

  5. Ashley says:

    I have struggled with weight my entire life, tipping the scales higher than ever more recently at 298 pounds. I used my Hashimotos thyroid autoimmune disease, and polycystic ovarian sydrome as an excuse for it.
    I was with my husband at the Mr Olympia fitness and body building expo in las Vegas, when for the first time I had people treating me terribly.
    Women mostly would try to not hand their free samples to me and to other smaller women instead. One woman actually paused when I asked for a sample, and started to give it to people behind me in the line ( I was right in front) until my husband stopped her. Mind you they are all weight loss/workout supplements-you would think they would want me to have them!
    Anyways, that all kicked me into signing up for two half marathons, I started a boot camp class yesterday, and I hope to have the most incredible before and after-with a label of supplement FREE weight loss transformation.

  6. Kay Chang says:

    My best friend recently started dating a guy I was going to marry. I was devastated. I’ve spent the last few months trying to dig myself out of a hole. I recently picked up working out and eating right.. my energy levels have been so much better and I FEEL so much better. So not to sound selfish, but I am doing it for my happiness! Not to mention, if they ever see me and I’m looking happier and better than when they were in my life.. It’ll be a victory for me 🙂

  7. Liz says:

    I’m working on getting in shape because after a few years of battling health problems to get them under control (including migraines I’ve lost upwards of 4 hours a week to for a while), I finally feel like I have the time and energy to do so.

  8. Michele says:

    I’ve always been moderately active but two years ago I was hit by a car while I was walking in a crosswalk and though I was extremely lucky, I’m still rehabbing from the accident. Regardless, a few days later, a woman was hit in another part of town and there was less damage done to the car that hit her than the one that hit me; she died on impact. At that point, I realized I would just be ungrateful if I didn’t take advantage of the body I was lucky enough to still be able to use. I push my body as hard as I can because, well, I can! My body was strong enough to get through my accident, so staying fit and healthy is just me thanking it for being so tough, right when I needed it to be 🙂

  9. After quitting gymnastics full time I struggled with adjusting my eating to a less active lifestyle. I LOVE pasta and sweets and I learned that to continue enjoying all those things I’d need to start torching calories with activity. I started running 1-2 miles 2 to 3 times a week. Now I’m training for my first marathon and couldn’t be happier with the way I look AND everything I get to eat 🙂

  10. Ashlee says:

    I have found that following fitness related Instagram profiles have motivated me the most. When I see a girl who has worked soooo hard to get where she is today, it makes me want to work even harder!

  11. Michelle says:

    Fun giveaway! What has motivated me is that I have been noticing that I’m not “feeling the same.” I was and sometimes still do eat extremely unhealthy.

  12. Marissa says:

    At first I was motivated by the idea of looking better. But my continued motivation comes from the way I feel when I keep active and eat well. I have so much more energy, fewer headaches, and am happier!

  13. Allison says:

    I have two main motivations – the vanity of looking good, liking how I look, and my clothes fitting, but also feeling better about myself and doing more. I’ve been running for the past year or so and can already see more stamina in my everyday life, even if I haven’t really lost any weight. But I’ve plateaued a lot in my stamina, my body gets tired so soon that I feel like I have to get lighter to progress anymore. I love hiking and want to do the Adirondack 46 but I am not in the shape to do that right now, so that’s a big part of it.

  14. desi says:

    I like the benefits of making myself look good, and I also like proving people wrong. I’m sure a year ago no one thought I would finish a half marathon. (I certainly didn’t!)

    Not only that, but fitness/running helps me raise money for worthy causes, like breast cancer research, funding for cancer patients who don’t have insurance, and donating to the hospice that took care of my aunt (and the rest of the family) during her last week. The fitter I get, the more races I can take on/money I can generate/lives I can touch!

  15. I’m motivated by that amazing rush after a great workout! I know I’m doing something that has lasting benefits and that I am taking care of the only body ill ever have!

  16. faith says:

    My motivation was seeing other mom’s (working and stay at home moms) still finding time to exercise and eat healthy.. I decided to get happy and excited about seeing results in which made me even more motivated!! And running by myself gives me “me” time that I wouldn’t normally get 😉

  17. lindsay says:

    My motivation to get healthy came out of the blue one day – I just wanted to run and started slowly doing barely a mile at a time. I wanted to be able to do things I couldn’t – be active, be able to do fun things like rock climbing and biking, not get winded.

  18. Kaili says:

    I had a really hard time with trying to keep track of food intake and excercising until I signed up for a 5k. For some reason the added pressure of having to run in front of a bunch of people has really helped to keep me motivated and on track.

  19. Jen says:

    The feeling of being healthy and having energy definitely keeps me going. Once I started, I was hooked.

  20. Melissa says:

    I thought we were healthy but 10 years and two babies later, my husband and I were looking at photos from when we first met. We decided to get healthy for ourselves and to be better roll models for our children. We started with our eating habits and it eventually turned into a running addiction.

  21. Stacie says:

    What motivates me are all the cute clothes I want to buy when I get smaller!

  22. Giant Sis says:

    I hate looking at myself in the mirror (or in photos) and seeing how fat I’ve gotten. I’ve always struggled with keeping my weight down – but I know I can do it. Just 2 years ago, I was 20 pounds less than I am right now. It was hard work – and then I let it all slip away and gained it back. I’m so mad at myself for allowing that to happen! I am motivated to get back to 20 pounds lighter – one day at a time!

  23. jackeline says:

    What motivates me to get fit, seeing women twice my age in my yoga class with rock solid bodies.

  24. Lynda says:

    I used to be chunky. Not number-wise, but the weight just did not look good on me. I was constantly tired, I had no energy, I had no self confidence whatsoever. I missed out on a lot of classes in college because I could not stand walking 20-30 minutes to class. Needless to say, I did not work out and so I was flabby all over. After deciding to change my life around, I am 10 pounds lighter and I feel much stronger and much more self confident. I like to exercise now or at least be more physically involved. I think my motivation is that I want to feel energized naturally (not from caffeine) and that I want to live a good quality of life.

  25. Tam says:

    When I took on a stressful job, I started having daily body aches and pains. First, it was a constant headache that felt like a tight band around my head. Then, it was the tightness between my shoulder blades. Next, it was my back. To top it all off, I got so grouchy. All I wanted to do on the weekends, was lie around. I’d heard and read about daily exercise combatting stress and fatigue. So, luckily, my boyfriend at the time, worked at a fitness gym and got me a great deal on a membership. Soon thereafter, I took a spinning class. I almost passed out from the rush of endorphins flooding my system. The spinning instructor looked at me and mouthed, “Are you ok?” Indeed I was, more than ok. My body felt so relaxed afterwards, I almost fell asleep on the drive home! I’ve been working out ever since. I’m not only dedicated to it, exercise is just a part of me now. If I take a break from it, I can feel the clutter and noise in my head rising. And what exercise does for your looks? It’s better than any makeup you could ever buy.

  26. Sara says:

    Definitely my kids. Trying to keep up with two little ones is hard, and being out of shape made it much more difficult. When my youngest started riding her bike without training wheels well, I took that opportunity to cut out driving and now we ride our bikes to school every day. It makes such a huge difference in my day to get outside in the fresh air and get some exercise!

  27. Wehaf says:

    I realized last year that I wasn’t as flexible as I used to be; I exercise regularly, but that made me want to challenge myself and think about an all-around sort of health program, rather than just cardio all the time.

  28. Carol C. says:

    Since moving to South Florida, there are so many outdoor activities and so many beautiful things to see that I can’t seem to stop moving. The extra “couch pounds” from living up north sometimes fade slowly but they are definitely going away. I love being stronger!

  29. V says:

    After my father passed away, I decided I could not spend my short life hating my body or stressing about my looks and my health. I am motivated to take care of my health so that I can appreciate having an able body that can do things other people can’t.

  30. Nearl says:

    My motivation is more about what people think of me unfortunately. I’ve never cared what people though of me unless it was about my weight. I recently hit my highest weight. No clothes fit and I’m always nervous to leave the house. Even if people aren’t thinking or saying anything, they are in my head. That is my motivation and at the same time my down fall.

  31. Jessica says:

    When my husband and I got married, 7 years ago, we vowed to take an adventure every year. It started with hiking trips to National Parks then elevated to Sky Diving. Two years ago we decided to hike a Volcano. The trip required us to carry 50 lbs on our back for 3 days…ugh. I started CrossFit to train and never looked back. I run 15 miles a week with my dog and do CrossFit 2x per week. I do this to prepare for a lifetime of adventures with my best friends. Our next big adventure…PARENTHOOD. Disclaimer: not currently pregnant, but here to hoping!

  32. My family is what motivates me. There was a time that I was sitting on the sidelines of my life. I was watching my toddler grow up, but I didn’t have the energy or motivation to even play with him. I experienced heartburn, back problems, and depression daily for years. I was literally killing myself. It took vomitting stomach acid and blood for me to realize that I was cheating my family.

    So far I have lost 77 pounds and I am still going. I have signed up for my first 5K and I have never felt healthier in my entire life! I am just amazed at what my body can do now. I am so proud that I can be an active part of my son’s life. My husband has fallen in love with an entirely different person! We do things as a family now and I couldn’t be happier! I am so blessed!

  33. Julie says:

    I’m turning 30 soon and I noticed that my life was beginning to feel a little slow. I was not as active as I used to be and I missed it so I decided now was the time to make some changes. I’ve started doing yoga and pilates which I love and joined a coed volleyball team and now I feel great! I’ve made so many new friends and feel so fulfilled I wish I had done it years ago. I find that now, instead of spending time at home, I’m going out and loving life.

  34. Jennifer R says:

    What motivates me is how I feel in my clothes and how good it makes me feel when I’m active and eat healthy! I do it for myself.

  35. Jenn W. says:

    The great feeling I get after a workout or yoga session keeps me motivated to exercise regularly and I love trying out new recipes incorporating diverse veggies. I also like to be an inspiration to others, and you have to practice what you preach!

  36. Shelley says:

    My motivation for a healthier lifestyle is my daughter. We have three children, but our daughter has special needs and will live with us her entire life. Knowing that she needs me to be around for a long time is my constant reminder and motivation to be healthy. She the best workout buddy around!

  37. This is amazing. I love this giveaway – just honest, true reasons behind what we do every day. After being an athlete in high school, I wanted to do something competitive once I no longer played sports. I did two local figure shows and unfortunately did not have healthy guidance. I deprived so sharply that after the shows I binged, gained weight, and in turn, went to restrictive means to get lean again because my mind was so messed up at that point to think that the only way to feeling good and beautiful was through seeing my abs. Mistake number one. I don’t think everyone will fall into that trap who competes, but I am predisposed to being a perfectionist and didn’t have good guidance. I essentially wasted away with too much exercise and too much restriction on food. My other half pulled me out of the spiral I was quickly spinning down and I turned to healing myself. I now spend my life teaching others to love themselves, to better themselves every day and obtain the body and life they want through balanced, healthy, maintainable lifestyle changes and means. I spend each day grateful for my health and grateful that I have the ability to help others. Fit, to me, means healthy. And healthy is bettering yourself every single day while loving yourself along the way. Fit and health to me is not a guarantee, it’s a priviledge. Between my work on my site and as an ER nurse, I see people who don’t have the opportunity to make themselves fit, to make the life and body they want, and in turn, I want to help myself and as many other people I can to be who they want through means that make sense. Thank you so much for this opportunity. I am proud of all of you!

  38. Jessica @ OrganicallYou says:

    My motivation to stay fit is simple, I want to feel & look my best. My parents have suffered health issues and I hope that I can teach them, and others, that preventative medicine and changing how you eat can really change your life. I also am studying exercise fitness and hope to show people that being active is fun!

  39. Amanda says:

    I am motivated by my progress! Everytime I can increase my reps or my weight of dumbbell a I am ecstatic. I’ve learned not to focus on te numbers on the scale whic has helped me tremendously. As long as I look and feel good I am motivated to keep moving!

  40. I have been overweight most of my life. Till I hit my 30s nowim in the best shape of my life. I met my husband who is a army veteran I was never active I sw his commitment into fitness and how young and vibrant he looked for his age. He showed me the way into the gym. Was SACRED at first. Was overweight never picked up a dumbbell let alone go on a machine before. cardio was not in the picture! So he went overseas to Iraq for a year I wanted to make him proud and also do it for myself and my child. So I read internet advice from people into the industry I make a complete U TURN in my mind body and soul. I saw the transformation slowly into my body SEE….transformation takes TIME and PATIENVE that’s why so many people give up if they don’t see results fast you don’t change overnight. Its a process. I slwly lost the weight and felt so good I hate a healthy clean diet land learned food is for fuel its like a car you pu the best ionto your body if you want it to last long! My husband came back from overseas and was in shock! So yes now we train together if we can I had another child and let me tell you im in better shape after having this child because of my knowledge for living a healthy lifestyle and not just talking the talk DOING THE WALK!!! So it continues I train for LIFE and me and my family live a healthy lifestyle together!! Never looking backwards..

  41. I had recently moved cross-country, and was unemployed. I had gained a lot of weight and no longer able to do simple things, hated looking at myself in the mirror and was very unhappy. The guy I was dating at the time mentioned that he loves me, but I need to make sure I take care of myself and not get bigger. That hurt deeply and I realized I didn’t love myself enough if I was willing to be with someone like that. I sat down that night and developed a plan to find myself and love myself. I’ve never looked back. I lost over 60 lbs and became a runner. I am running 13 half marathons this year (10 down) and love who I have become.

  42. One more thing ladies train heavy don’t be afraid to lift heavy weights put those pink dumbells down please! You can sculpt your body with weights not endless cardio. I can tell you from experience. I wish I could show you a picture! 🙂

  43. I was exercising regularly but I was motivated to get healthier when I realized that I needed to really work for what I wanted. After 2 years and a 30 lb weight loss, I stay motivated by my desire to improve my strength training.

  44. Heather says:

    I don’t want to ever feel helpless. When I was 60 pounds heavier, it felt like I wasn’t in control of my life and the perceptions people held about me. As a healthier person, I feel in control of how I feel, look and others perceive me.

  45. Charan says:

    I am terrified of getting over weight. I think it comes from the fact that my mom kept telling me i looked fat and kept pulling me down with comments about how i look from my teenage. I understand now that she was frustrated with life and took it out on me. Somehow that shapes you, doesn’t it. I weight 160 lbs and i have put on about 15 pounds after i had my baby. And i still see a fat person when i look into the mirror. I think i always will feel that way. I try to eat healthy mostly, dessert just once a week and still trying to lose that extra weight.

  46. Maureen G says:

    What motivates me is seeing my two dear friends from my high school years become terribly out of shape and develop serious medical issues. I decided that I needed to take a good look at myself so that I wouldn’t follow in their footsteps.

  47. Cara Ellis says:

    I am motivated by three things, two of them being my children. The third thing that motivates me to stay fit are the kiddos of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. I run for my healthy children, and I run for a place that takes care of the sick children. Any of us could need that hospital in a moment’s notice, and I want to be able to say that I ran to raise money to keep their doors open, research going, and to keep their amazing work continuing!

  48. Elle says:

    Feeling better keeps me motivated! I used to be sick all the time, but since I started taking care of myself, I feel a million times better!

  49. Reesa says:

    What motivates me is my all my friends
    @ Crossfit .Being with them at the gym with them always makes my day. Even durning a tough WOD I know they will be cheering me on at the end and that makes me want to do my best!!

  50. Danielle says:

    I am motivated by the goals that I set for myself, whether they are physical or intellectual. I know that if continue to eat the wrong foods with a lot of sugar and without proper nutrient and don’t workout enough, I will not be able to meet these goals. My energy level is low and I am am always tired, so I am motivated to continue working toward being healthy, so I can meet all of my goals in the fitness and career realm.

  51. Lindsay P. says:

    Part of what keeps me motivated to stay healthy is wanting to look great for my wedding, but in the long term, I love you staying healthy and active makes me feel everyday! Even if the weight loss has been slow, it’s been worth it to feel like I’m working towards a goal that will help me to live a longer, fuller life.

  52. DisneyBride says:

    My strongest motivation came around the time of my 40th birthday. I was never going to look as good as I did in my 20s, but I’ve focused on becoming healthier and stronger.

  53. Maria W says:

    What motivated me to get fit and healthy were the events after 9/11. As a military wife and mom of a 6-mo old and 3-y/o, we lived overseas. There was a lot of talk about evacuating family members back to the states. That never happened but life there was never the same. I thought to myself that I need to have not only mental strength but physical strength and endurance as well to be able to take care of my two children should I need to pack up and get us to safety. This is what motivated me to get fit and being there for my kids, to this day, is what keeps me motivated to stay fit.

  54. Lisa Brown says:

    I am always motivated to stay healthy. When I was diagnosed with Arthritis, that was even more motivation to get fit and be healthy.
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  55. Rosie says:

    getting older and staying about the same weight, but in looking at some old pictures, I had the stark realization nothing was in the same place (when did my rear move and a few other things?!!!) You don’t have to accept looking and feeliing like a frail, feeble old person when you’re older, you can do all kinds of exercise programs at home or at the gym and also get outside. I live near a library that has the greatest exercise books and I incorporate so many concepts, that includes balancing, strength, isometric, core, aerobic.

  56. Erin says:

    My motivation is being in the best shape I’ve ever been in when I hit 30 next May. It’s all about being healthier and stronger!

  57. Jenny Ford says:

    If I weren’t concerned about my health there’s no way I could give my best self to my 4 boys and husband. I hope by showing them that healthy choices are made daily, it’ll stick with them later on. There is also no way I could give my class participants,as a fitness instructor, great classes each week if I didn’t practice what I preach. Im not saying I’m perfect, but just try to daily be aware of my choices.

  58. Linda F says:

    Having children has motivated me to stay healthy!

  59. Victoria says:

    I exercise to keep moving and inspire others to live a healthy, happy fulfilling lifestyle. I was a pudgy kid so I run, row, spin, swim and yoga so I can make sure I am a healthy and happy adult!

  60. Charlene says:

    Started out as just needing to take care of myself again after quitting a job with ridiculous hours. I lost about 20-25 pounds and just decided to “challenge” myself by running my first 5k. Then I started to run with running groups and that’s when everything changed. I made new friends and after many years felt like I belonged somewhere. A dozen half marathons later, I keep fit now because I enjoy it so much.

  61. amanda says:

    When I am fit, I feel and look better. That is motivation enough for me.

  62. Liz says:

    I am motivated by that great feeling I get when I do something good for myself.. Like working out or eating well

  63. meredith says:

    Ive been motivated to get healthy from my wedding and then in trying to get pregnant – I wanted to be as healthy as I could be before/as I bring someone into this world!

  64. Sharing this now to my readers and followers. Thanks!

  65. Amy Orvin says:

    My neighbor actually said something pretty awful to me . He said ” I knew you would walk down the street , because the street would shake.” That hurt pretty bad! That motivated me to start getting healthier and lose weight. I started walking more and more after that. I got up to 5 miles a day and lost 70 lbs. That showed him.

  66. In college I unfortunately blew both of my ACLs out. After that my knees were never the same, and I couldn’t do half the stuff I used to be able to athletically. At that point I knew that if I didn’t get fit and STAY MOVING, there would be a point where my knees would just shut down on me and I would never be able to get back into it.

    I want to have a long life that is ACTIVE, and don’t want my knees or fitness to hold me back!

  67. Jackie K says:

    I found out more of my family’s medical history. Learning all the risk factors I already have for my health, I was determined not to allow my lifestyle to become another risk factor. I’ve maintained a 20 lb weight loss and am training for my 3rd marathon. Exercise and a healthy diet are necessities for me to live the long healthy life I desire. It’s a good thing I enjoy it now anyway!

  68. Heather says:

    My kids and my family history of medical problems.

  69. Tammy says:

    I finally decided to take charge of my health/weight after being diagnosed with PCOS. I joined a weight loss program at a local hospital. 16 lbs down, many more to go, but I feel great, committed and motivated!

  70. Stefanie Gladden says:

    My dad inspired me to be heatlhy, he recently had a mild heartattack, and it truly scared me to death! The doctor said it was because of how unhealthy he was, he always ate badly and never cared about his health before, until now! He has started eating right and working out and is in the best shape of his life! it’s been amazing to see and has completely inspired me to be healthy as well! I want to be as heatlhy as I can be!

  71. jennifer says:

    I am motivated by my upcoming wedding! I love the way i feel when i exercise and i am always happy to see results and progress. but i am mostly motivated by the fact that when i workout i have energy and i am happier. thanks!

  72. Alissa A says:

    I’m motivated by the number on the scale and my dad’s recent heart surgery. Be healthy!

  73. LAMusing says:

    I’m motivated by the fact the medication I take causes weight gain. I used that as an excuse to just give up on a healthy lifestyle. I looked awful and felt worse. Then I realized although the meds makes it harder, I can still be fit! I HAVE to do what I can to keep my weight under some kind of control!

  74. T-Rex Runner says:

    I’ve suffered from anorexia and bulimia since I was 16 and as I get older, I’ve realized that if I want to recover, I have to really work at it. I’m 27 now and the thought of having kids isn’t too far away, so I started really devoting myself to recovery last year in hopes of being a good role model for my future children.

  75. Sarah Bryant says:

    My main motivation to get healthy is the dreaded freshman fifteen. As a freshman in college the freshman fifteen seems like the only thing I can count on to come up in basically every conversation I have about college. Other people seem to think that because they were victim to the freshman fifteen that I will be too. But there stories aren’t mine and I’m motivated to fight the freshman fifteen and live a healthy lifestyle through out my years at college.

  76. Kathleen says:

    Motivation? The knowledge that I have gained twenty pounds in the last five years.

  77. Honestly, it was just a build up of little things that got my rear in gear:
    1.) I realized if I didn’t stop this slow, couple-of-pounds-a-year, weight gain, I’d weigh a ton before I was 40.
    2.) I realized that none of my jeans fit right.
    3.) I noticed my face looks weird and chubby.
    4.) I didn’t like how chubby my stomach was getting.
    5.) I didn’t like being out of breath walking up hills or a flight of stairs.

    Also, I realized roller derby is AWESOME! Roller skating is like flying. And despite being awful at it and very slowly learning the skills, I’m so excited to have found something healthy that I’m so into that I just want to keep working at it. Even extra exercises and off-skate stretches are cool because they have a function now – to get me even quicker on my skates.

    I’m motivated to keep it up because I live out on tour with the circus and lot of the other girls also felt like our lifestyle is sort of weird and not great for steady exercise plans, but a bunch got really excited about roller derby! So now we have a (very, very, very) amateur team and we all keep each other accountable and have fun while doing something healthy!

  78. Pat says:

    I get and keep motivated by my pants size. I dont really care the number per say, however I hate going shopping for pants! It is so hard to find a pair that is not too tight, not too gapping at the waist and make me feel good. So when my favorite pair starts getting too snug, I kick my workout gear back into the groove and start eating more healthy to keep myself in the same pants (that took forever to find!!)

  79. Julie says:

    I’m in my 50’s and keeping the weight off is a struggle. I recently downloaded the couch to 5k app to my phone and it was an easy gradual workout that allowed me to go from barely walking 3 miles to jogging 3 miles. I haven’t done the road race yet but I feel better and look better.

  80. amy says:

    what motivates me are my two dogs who get to go on long walks outdoors with me!

  81. Traci says:

    Now that I am getting married, not only do I want to look/feel good on my wedding day but I want to get healthy so I can start a family!

  82. Amy says:

    My kids motivate me. I want to be around for them as long as I can!

  83. Erica says:

    I hate that I can never find a pair of jeans that fit. Then I realized it is because I’m trying to squeeze my curves into the size I want to be!

  84. Tracy says:

    I stay fit for my sanity. I started running 3 years ago and it has been my savior. I have a great core group of women I run with that keep me accountable and on track. They push me to strive for my goals and to aim high. I have realized I am a lot stronger than I thought and I love my “girl time’ on the trails.

  85. Jill McHale says:

    I want to be a good, healthy role model for my daughter and to be sexy again for my husband. I also want my confidence level to rise again.

  86. Elena says:

    My family motivates me. I want to look good for my husband and sons

  87. Emely says:

    My acting teacher motivates me. He really cares about me and I realized that if I want to be a successful actress I have to care about my body, my voice and my mind.

  88. Jenny says:

    My motivation to get healthy was realizing that I had moderately high triglycerides, and that if I didn’t do something about it, it could turn bad, fast. I started running, and eating better. We will see in 2 months if it helped!

  89. Ashley says:

    My biggest motivation was my niece and nephews. When they were younger, I could run around with them and do fun stuff all the time. A year ago, I realized I wasn’t able to keep up with them as well, and I’m not even 30 yet. I’ve been working on it since this summer and I’m slowly getting stronger and healthy again!

  90. kalie says:

    my mother has had an eating disorder since i was 15, this has triggered anorexia in my younger sister but in my case just a unhealthy attitude towards food, weight, and exercise in general. I’ve never be extremely overweight but am slightly overweight.

    awhile ago my jeans started fitting too tight and around that time i discovered yoga through a groupon to a local studio and was hooked ever since. first of all it was really tough, and i love a challenge. second, practicing yoga keeps me more aware of my body, and what i put into it. i had always been one of those fake vegetarians who sometimes ate meat and but relied heavily on carbs and cheese to make up the calories. once i started practicing yoga and doing research on the matter it lead me to chose vegetables and whole foods to fuel my body.

    fitness is so important not just for aesthetics but for overall quality of life! walking up the stairs used to tire me out so much and now i can go on multi mile hikes! you feel the difference every day. and also you can use this to inspire others around you.

    i try not to count calories because this has just been a counteractive source of frustration to me. once you realize how big your stomach actually is, and the typical american restaurant portion size, or even plate size you will realize how much you could be overeating. i’ve learned to eat proportionate meals of whole foods and lots of veggies,fruit and healthy fats.

    its a gradual process but seems to be working. sometimes its hard to find the motivation to work out but most effective to me is making plans with friends to go to a yoga class together, or making friends within a certain class time so you’ll have other people depending on you and motivate you to go. Also setting up going on walks or hikes/bike riding with friends in the mornings or evenings as a social activity.

    also, remember that everyone falls of the wagon at some point or another. you are going to miss a work out, or eat a piece of cake. don’t let that discourage you or obsess over it. just jump right back into it.


  91. alisa says:

    My health motivates me to be fitter as I have gained too much weight and need to get back to my usual size. My husband is working to be healthier too and lose weight also.

  92. Meghan says:

    In an effort to genuinely not sound dramatic, but just sound like me: it was one specific blog post of yours that motivated me to get healthy.

    Backstory: I have never been a consistent fan of exercise and I was never ever a runner. I am high school teacher from Boston and a lover of personal finance, which led me to your blog. In August 2011, at age 27, I fell and broke my spine in a freak tumble down the stairs. Doctors told me not to expect consistent relief from pain for one whole year as my spine healed. Flash forward through a very dark, depressed year, and it was August 2012. I still was in pain and I read your August 16, 2012 blog post. I knew about your recent development as a runner but this entry, which I now have memorized, struck the best nerve it could ever strike.

    “Many of us are still unfinished. If you’re churning, changing and challenging and questioning, you’re in good company. Keep going.”

    I read it. I instantly memorized it. I’d wake up each day and say – Meghan, keep going. Did I start running the next day? No, I was still in too much pain. But I was able to better tackle the mental and emotional component that accompanies the journey to getting healthy. It was the motivation that I needed to get in a better place, and thus it motivated me to become active. I told myself, and continue to do so, every day – to keep going. I started doing the exercises that wouldn’t bother my spine – weights, slow walking, and swimming. My friends joined in on my simple exercises and it actually became fun.

    A few months after, the pain did go away. I’d say I am 90% back to where I was before my accident and don’t ever anticipate being fully healed due to the nature of the injury. That being said, I completed my very first 5k in August 2013. It was one of the best days of my life. I enjoy running 4 miles on a regular basis and feel blessed to have the body I do. Shannyn – thank you. Sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. I couldn’t have done it without you.

  93. Isa says:

    I have been struggling with my weight my entire life. My parents have always been supportive and not once have I ever heard that I was fat from them. The snide remarks came from my grandmother. She would offer up the Big Mac meal at Mcdonalds, teasingly remarking that the happy meal wasn’t enough. She would say that I had a pretty face, but denied me a Quintilian because of my weight. It wasn’t enough that a friend across the street wouldn’t let me ride her bike when i was younger for fear that i would break it, I got the message from my grandmother too. When I did lose some weight (around 40lbs!) after college, it still wasn’t good enough. After I started dating my boyfriend, we both gained some weight, but have been working since to shed it. On my grandmother’s most recent visit, she remarked how my younger sister looks better in person, but I’m very photogenic. It wasn’t put so lightly but clearly a remark about my weight. I’m not trying to lose a ton of weight, I’m more focused on being healthy. In about a year, I have lost about 20lbs, and I have 20 more to go to get where I wanna be. I’ll never please my grandmother, and I have come to terms with that, but as long as I’m healthy, I think I’ll be okay.

  94. ellen casper says:

    My 2 sons are my motivation to be healthy – I want to around to see what life has in store for them 🙂

  95. bianca roman says:

    it was about a month or two after i had my son (so about 12/2009) and my son’s father (i guess we were together?) had mentioned that i needed to get back into the gym because i was slowly getting ‘chunky’ all the while there he was with his ‘pot belly’ that i never did make fun or say stuff about.

    it just really hit a nerve..i thought i looked damn good for having a baby..the nurses the weekend of my delivery didn’t even think i had one!!! from that point on, i had made a promise to myself that i was going to get healthy and fit for ME and no one else. it didn’t matter what they thought..this was MY body and my heart and soul. i’ve lost track along the way, but i’m not letting it stop me..but i do find myself not wearing shirts if i see ‘fat’ on the sides or on my stomach. :/ guess his words haven’t left yet.

    thanks again for this giveaway!

  96. Bo says:

    A frenemy once told me that my jeans were giving me muffin top, unlike HER jeans. I wanted to smack her but instead, I channeled that energy into working out!

  97. Cynthia Richardson says:

    My year-old grandson motivates me to get fit. At 54, I’m so overweight and outof shape that I can’t even get down on the floor to play with him.

  98. Greg says:

    I have always been active, but I started running due to a friend’s persistence. I wish I could find him now and thank him, but I haven’t been able to. I found out I was pretty fast in my 30s and 40s and have been motivated by that. Lately, in my mid 50s, I am motivated by the fear of not being fit and the slippery slope to fat and out of shape that I would be on.

  99. Aimee says:

    I started to try, really try, this time to get healthy because I was tired of being out of breath and my heart skipping beats. I was tired of being tired, and fat and looking gross and embarrassing my kids.

    I have lost 70 pounds and I still have so far to go. I’m so thankful for SweatPink and Girls Gone Sporty Ambassadors for helping to motivate and move me.

  100. Terra says:

    My moment was my husband. He had good intentions, I mean, you have to be brave to look your wife in the face and say “I will always love you no matter what you look like, but I am worried about your weight. I want you to be around for a long time for our family and I am afraid that you are reaching an unhealthy weight.” Paraphrasing, since it was about 6 months ago. I admired his honesty. I knew I was gaining weight at a rapid pace, and I didn’t have enough guts to admit it to myself. That day I downloaded a meal/fitness tracker app on my phone and started the c25k program. 6 months later, I am 42 lbs down and I ran my first half marathon last week. I feel great!

  101. After years of focusing on what I hated about my body, I realized I didn’t want to continue living that way. I decided instead of focusing on what not to do ( don’t eat this or that) I was going to move towards positive things like can I eat 7-9 servings of veggies? Slowly the positive became the norm and my health followed!

  102. Holly says:

    What motivates me is the health benefits of staying active and eating well. I teach about health and wellness for my job, so I am constantly reminded of all the benefits of fitness and eating well! My motivation is to treat my body the best way I can while I’m in it. I am also motivated when I reach a new goal whether it’s running a faster time or lifting higher weights I didn’t think I could.

  103. Joanna Mickel says:

    It started with fitting into a bridesmaids gown for my best friend’s wedding. Then I realized I was almost thirty and I needed to take care of myself and keep in shape. This lifestyle keeps you looking and feeling younger! Health makes for a much better quality of life!

  104. Eric says:

    When simple things like tying my shoelaces made it hard to breathe, I realized I had to get healthy if I wanted to live a long and happy life. I am now down 90 pounds and have kept it off for 2 years!

  105. carol vick says:

    I have been motivated to lose weight because I want to be able to have pictures taken of me with my grandchildren. I have 2 grandbabies on the way and I want to be able to have pictures of me with them. I am way to fat to have pictures taken of me. I have lost 70 pounds this year.

  106. I was motivated to lose weight after I saw a picture of me at a trail ride, standing next to my horse in 2008. I didn’t like the way I looked and I knew I deserved better. Also, I didn’t want to develop the diabetes that all four of my grandparents had.

    So, I started my “fitness journey” and have been at it ever since. Even though I’ve had ups and downs with my weight, I’ve accomplished things I never thought possible and am healthier than I was in high school!

  107. Melinda says:

    As I’m going through my 30s, I’m realizing the importance to not only eat right and be fit, but also BE STRONG — both mentally and physically. I play roller derby now, at age 36, and I am consistently motivated by my amazing teammates — of all ages.

  108. jen says:

    my 2 year old twins motivate me to be healthy and set a good example for them. they are at my races and always comment that “mommy goes to yoga.” i want to live a long life and be at their sporting events and support their healthy habits as they grow up!

  109. AK Stout says:

    I became motivated to get back into shape because I just felt “blah” and I had no desire to go out in public because I was afraid I would run into someone I know. I had been laid up for 4 mths with a stress fractured heel and completely let myself become a blob. I ate horribly and didn’t/couldn’t exercise. Once I was able to get back on my feet, for a couple of weeks, I just didn’t. I had no motivation until it really hit me how awful I felt and that I was in complete control to do something about it. I joined weight watchers, started hula hoopping and nordic walking and have lost 30lbs since the beginning of August!

  110. Jeccica Simpson says:

    What motivates me are my 3 children. I have a 13 yr old daughter, 12 year old daughter and a 4 year old son. My hand our full. They keep me on my toes everyday. I have been a stay home mom sine my first daughter was born. The hardest job on the planet, will little pay, but with the success of my kids with school, activities and there happiness, it what keeps motivated, I wouldnt change it for the world!

  111. chelsy says:

    My health has definitely motivated to get and stay healthy. It’s also that eating right and exercising makes me feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and gives me the energy to get through the day. After struggling and defeating an eating disorder 3 years ago I was told this past year that I had osteoporosis of the spine. I have gained about 20 lbs. of lean muscle, changed my eating habits to a clean eating regime, and have never felt better and not to mention, my self confidence has jumped greatly. I now find one thing I like about myself daily and that makes me feel soooooo good! 🙂

  112. Jennifer says:

    Neither of my parents lived past the age of 55, and they missed out on far too much. I want to get and stay healthy so I can enjoy a long life and inspire the rest of my family to do the same.

  113. Crissi says:

    I started running last spring… Because of my sisters inspiration. She was 34 years old when she lost her husband and was left a widow with their 4 children. She is such a strong woman and overcame every obstacle and raised these children solo. Her outlet was RUNNING. We started running together last spring to give ourselves peace, health
    and pleasure. Running is so wonderful that you can forget all the worries and just R U N! Keep running like Forrest Gump and when you return… Your head is clearer and you can face anything!
    My sister and I are Best Friends. We work together as Registered Nurses at the local hospital and run together several times a week!
    Running is the best!

  114. Lucy says:

    What motivated me was to become a better runner and to feel better about myself. Eating healthy gives me more energy to do the things I love.

  115. Crystal Newman says:

    I had recently filed for a divorce and decided I wanted to change everything for the positive. I went back to school to finish my Masters degree in social work, while studying I realized I needed to focus on being healthier or all my education would be a waste because I wouldn’t live long enough to see the real benefits of my education. I also felt if I was going to motivate others to change then I needed to change. Still going strong for 4 years and have motivated others to join me.

  116. Andrea says:

    It started off with me wanting to get in shape for my wedding. I decided to try running. And I got hooked! Two and a half years later and I’ve run in 40 races!


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