The Best Gender Neutral Baby Gifts For 2022

April 17, 2022

Whether you’re a parent-to-be or shopping for one, there are plenty of good reasons you’d seek out gender neutral baby gifts.  Having multi-purpose toys means less waste and means your gift will have longevity within a family.  Additionally, gender neutral baby gifts are perfect for parents who like a more toned-down aesthetic.  Plus, gender neutral and color neutral gifts are super trendy right now on the ‘Gram.

If you’re looking for gender neutral baby gifts aren’t bathed in bright hues of pink and blue and fit a variety of home aesthetics, this is for you. Yes, we live in an Instagram influencer world- but fortunately these gifts will outlast the latest trends!


Gender Neutral Cotton Outfit – $12.99-$16.99 on Amazon

New Parents get a LOT of clothes, many of which are way too complicated for tired parents.  To ensure your gift gets loved and actually used, try to size up beyond the newborn size.  Stick to anything without a lot of buttons or snaps. A good rule of thumb is to go for casual, stretchy and with 5 closures or less.

This gender neutral baby gift set can double as a day outfit or pajamas. Plus, it comes in about 15 colors so you have options! It’s washable, wrinkle-resistant and in a gender neutral color way that will be great on any baby.

Mini Tudou Stackable Rings – $14.99 on Amazon

These stackable rings are a bit of a better choice than the typical rainbow plastic offerings we had growing up. For kids over 8 months, they are great for developing fine motor skills. For younger babies who are teething, any of these rings are safe to chew.

Since they have a hole in the middle they can also be secured to a stroller or car seat. As an added bonus, they’re heat resistant so you can safely clean and sanitize them in hot water. 

Miaoberry 100% Organic Cotton Baby Muslin Swaddle Set – $24.99 on Amazon

Swaddles have become super trendy for those in-hospital bassinet photos parents love to take. Unfortunately, most of them are either in floral prints or a few played-out shades of baby blue. This sunny set will be great for parents to take with them to the hospital or enjoy at home for those first sweet photos.  

So, if the person you’re shopping for isn’t into chevron, floral or arrows this swaddle is perfect for either gender without being bland or overdone.

BOBXIN Gender Neutral Stacking Cups – $14.99 on Amazon

Another solid multi-purpose toy, these stackable cups are affordable and compact. Teaching kids how to stack and define their motor skills, these are also perfect for the beach or bath. This set is available in some soothing earth tones that are perfect for boys or girls. Perfect for when you don’t feel the need to gender their stacking skills.

Gender Neutral Foldable Baby Play Gym – $52.99 on Amazon

Any play gym you buy should be easy to wash, compact and have removable pieces. This playmat is available in two color ways that are gender and style neutral. With removable, washable dangly pieces, you can also remove them to flip baby over for their required tummy time.

While there are a lot of play mats out there with a much louder color scheme, this one is perfect for its neutrality. Plus, it’s under $60 and has enough contrast to help stimulate baby’s developing eyes.


Ergobaby Omni 360 All-Position Baby Carrier – $145 on Amazon

While fabric wraps are very popular, they can be cumbersome.  This wrap is not just gender neutral for baby, it’s gender neutral for parents. Additionally, it’s incredibly easy to swap between caretakers and adjust on-the-g0. We were gifted several wraps and this ended up being our go-to.

Overall, the Ergobaby Omni 360 was super easy for both me and my husband to use. Not only is it easy to wear, but it can quickly be adjusted to size so either caretaker can strap in quickly. Often, we would be able to swap who was baby wearing in the same outing with minimal fuss. Add in the fact that it’s machine washable and durable enough for multiple babies. It’s well worth the price tag.

Mombella Mimi The Mushroom Teether – $6.99 from Amazon

Are you getting major Shrek vibes from this pacifier teether gender neutral baby gift? You should. The Mombella Mimi is available in a variety of colors (some a bit more neutral.) It’s great for baby’s who lack dexterity. 

This great teether/pacifier is great for 4 months+ and wraps around baby’s hand so it’s easier for them to grasp in the early days. If green isn’t your jam, it’s available in a burnt red, orange, pastel pink and a pastel blue. This one is tested and approved by our 8 month old. 


Itzy Ritzy Spiral Car Seat & Stroller Activity Toy – $19 on Amazon

At about 6-8 months, babies will be reaching for things to teethe on during car rides. They transform from essentially, sentient bags of rice to more engaged mini humans. While lots of toys hook on to car seat handles with a ring, this gender neutral baby toy wraps around handles to ensure it stays put even around turns.

Considering it can also be machine washed on gentle, you can get a lot of use out of it as well. Great for tummy time, trips in the stroller or car seat, or wrapped around an existing activity mat for additional stimulation during play.


Gender Neutral Handmade Braided Cotton Baby Pacifier Clips – $19.99 on Amazon

Pacifier clips, much like the pacifiers they hold,are sanity savers. If you’re looking for gender neutral pacifier clips, you’ll find a lot with silicone beads on them, but some may be choking hazards.  Braided cotton is great for babies that are teething. It is easy to wash and much safer than beads.

Picking up two packs of these for the parents-to-be will be a thoughtful gift. Especially if baby is picky about the pacifiers themselves. Parents can easily swap out baby’s preferred pacifier when it’s time to clean.

HALO 100% Cotton Sleepsack Swaddle – $24.99 on Amazon

While other muslin swaddles can be used to wrap, dab and shade, sometimes you need a dedicated product when it comes to sleep. This pediatrician approved sleep sack is great for tired parents who can’t seem to do fabric origami at 3am.

The Halo Sleep Sack is another tried, true and loved product from parents. It’s machine washable, easy to use and great for safe sleep in baby’s early days when sleep is premium.  There are so many patterns available you’ll find a variety of gender neutral options.




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