How to Score the Best Deals on Airbnb

March 19, 2017

Wanting to score some fab deals on Airbnb but are unsure where to start? While Airbnb has become quite competitive, we have some useful tips.

While Airbnb used to be a frugal paradise, hosts were able to charge more and more for their various properties once word spread of its convenience and necessity. Previously, ten dollars could get you a night at a penthouse apartment and a free breakfast if you were patient enough to sort through the riffraff.

Now that people have tricked the system and put their man-made outdoor igloos up for stay (seriously), it can be increasingly more difficult to find a place that not only fits your needs, but doesn’t break the bank.

These are the best tips to head you on your way to accommodations gold and saving some cash with Airbnb.

Build Up Hosts Reviews

Since most people count on positive reviews when determining where to stay, a new host might find it difficult to get started since there’s little proof of their property. Contact a host directly and see if they’ll offer you a discount if you agree to write an [honest] review of your experience and spread the word about your stay. Win-win for both parties.

Consider Location and Duration of Trip

I’m a huge fan of staying on the most popular corners of new places, but it can cost you. Try broadening your search for up-and-coming neighborhoods that still have the gems of bustling burrows but with yet-to-blossom communities.

Try Wicker Park in Chicago, Ballston in Washington D.C., or Fort Lauderdale in Miami. One step further, lengthening your trip duration not only gives you more time to explore, but makes it easier on the host since they’ll spend less time taking care of accommodations/laundry/cleaning when there’s less turnover. Inquire about a discount for every extra day you plan to book.

Determine Housing Type

Even if you’re set on having a place all to yourself, you might be surprised to know the perks of sharing a home.

By booking a private room instead of an entire residence, you get to interact with other guests and learn their inside secrets about your new destination while spending less on accommodations. Often times host are more charitable with increased visitors since they’re trying to make everyone as comfortable as possible. This might include breakfast perks or additional services.

Did you know you could also book pet friendly lodging with Airbnb? Be sure to look for a location by filtering results for pet-friendly rooms or homes.  If you’re traveling by car, or you are traveling on an airline with your pet, you can save some money by booking pet-friendly lodging wtih Airbnb.  If you love traveling with your pet, don’t rule out Airbnb.

Bring Your Friends

If a huge mansion is on your radar, bringing more friends allows the cost to be split multiple ways. Although a night overlooking the New York City skyline might be out of budget for a couple, make it a family affair by using sleeper sofas and other bedrooms to get the most bang for your buck.

This works well when renting beach houses with ample space or townhomes in crowded cities that utilize every spare nook for guests.

Cut it Close With Booking

Although this requires you to be flexible, Airbnb hosts count on selling out their rooms months in advance. If they don’t, they’ll drop the price to make sure they are at least earning a portion of the anticipated income.

While there is a risk in waiting a couple weeks before departure date to book an accommodation forcing you to settle on any casa available, it could end up saving you big.

How Do You Save When Looking for Accommodations?

It’s a well-known fact that staying in the off-season yields a less expensive vacay, though it might compromise some seasonal activities.  Booking your next trip with AirBnb can still be a way to save cash, when you compare it to overpriced hotel rooms in touristy areas.

While there’s some trips that should be taken in the peak (after all, it’s popular for a reasons), I love going to beaches when it’s still too chilly to swim. It doesn’t get much better that deserted long beach runs or no lines at the hottest brunch spot.


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