Beachy Waves Tutorial For Unruly Hair

June 29, 2015

Want beachy waves for your hair but have a lot of frizz or thick tresses?  Stress no more!  How to tame unruly hair for stupid simple beach waves!

I have really rambunctious, thick and unruly hair. Without a blowdryer (blowtorch?) on high heat and a flat iron to follow up, my tresses would be thick, kinky and frizzy.  As a teen, I attempted to do all kinds of fun things to my hair in the summer, usually ending up in tangled, frizzy coifs and frustratingly bad hair that ended up getting shoved into a pony tail.

If you’ll be hitting the beach this summer, or simply want to look like you have, you can still have gorgeous beachy waves, for a silly-simple and casual look.  Here are some my tips to achieve the beachy waves look that will make you look sea swept, not wind blown!

I used these tricks & products on my trip to Bermuda, and it was the first time my hair looked beachy and not tangled…so I hope it helps you too!

Tresemme Undone Collection for summer beachy waves

First, invest in the right products- namely deep conditioning shampoo/conditioner, a wave product and finish to tame frizz with a light and flexible hairspray. I’ve had success with the TRESemmé Perfectly unDone line and it’s affordable and effective.

Secondly, remember to add extra conditioner.  After you get out of the water, add conditioner- even if you literally just stepped out of the ocean or simply washed your hair, add a bit of extra conditioner when done to ensure you tame the thickness of your hair.  Run a brush through it to avoid tangles and distibute product evenly.   The TRESemmé Weightless Moisturizing Shampoo + Conditioner for the unDone line has been effective for my tangled hair!

Next, after tangles are removed and you’ve conditioned- add some sea salt spray.  This works if you’re at the beach or you simply are working with fresh, clean hair.  Sea salt spray is really trending this year, and it helps to give your hair a little bit of curl, wave and that sea swept look without the heaviness of a mousse.

Scrunch your hair with the sea salt spray and if needed, dab a wee bit of conditioner on your ends.  For my trip to Bermuda, I made good use of my TREsemmé Sea Salt Spray…it went in my tote with me and helped tame my tresses on beach days, but I also used it after showering on clean hair, when I didn’t want to have to blow dry and flat iron my hair and wanted to relax.

After hair has air dryed, you’ll finish with a light and flexible hairspray. I finished with the hairspray from the unDone line on my roots to tame the frizz, and also at the ends to solidify the beach waves and make sure they didn’t fall flat in the humidity.

Tresemme Undone Collection


I love the beachy waves look because it’s truly effortless.  When I want straight hair, I need to spend a good 40 minutes blow drying, then taking a flat iron to my hair.  My hair goes through a lot of torture in the winter, so in the summer I like to avoid the hassle and damage of heat products and give my hair a break…especially since I know I shampoo way more often due to running, sweat and swimming.

Also, is it just me, or isn’t there something lovely about a hair style that doesn’t require time and heat products when it’s hot and muggy outside? Ya, me too.  I like to look effortless without looking like I didn’t care- and if you have unruly hair like I do, I’d invest in some good conditioner, sea salt spray and a special, more flexible hairspray. I picked up the unDone collection from TRESemmé for a great deal at Walmart and it’s served me electrified lion’s mane this summer, thanks!


Beachy Waves Hair In Bermuda


Most of my hair tutorials are rather simple and straightforward to solve a problem.  For me, dealing with really thick hair that’s dried out from sun and surf can be a crazy mess- but the weather also means it’s too hot and humid for a blow dryer and a flat iron.

This tutorial helps you tame your tresses without having to flat iron then curl, but mainly- it’s just super quick.  I don’t know about you, but I’d rather spend my time in the sunshine, than trying to do my hair with heat tools that’s going to end up wavy in the humidity anyways!  Just roll with it and have a style that works with the summer weather instead of against it.


Happy summer everyone!  

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6 responses to “Beachy Waves Tutorial For Unruly Hair”

  1. Love this! Back when I had longer hair, I used to just braid them up so they wouldn’t get too crazy in the heat/water – but I’ve since gotten a bob…Sooo I should try this idea. Thanks Shannyn!

  2. Alyse says:

    ^_^ going to try this!

  3. Amazing tutorial! Your hair turned out beautifully and I will definitely be trying this tutorial out for my own hair. Thanks for sharing! Gorgeous.


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