Things That Make Me Go Awww

January 27, 2014

Awww roses from my fiance

You ever just have to look around and go “awww?”  It’s been a polar vortex here in Chicago, and to stay positive and beat off the stir-crazy, I’ve been counting my blessings around here.

Just last week, fiancé randomly sent me red roses.  I have never been sent red roses, and seriously- I was like a giddy school girl all day.  Honestly, as much as I have to focus on planning our wedding, we’re working on planning for a marriage.  As excited as we are to be engaged, with busy lives, wedding planning and well, Chicago winter… taking time to be sweet and do things for each other is on the backest-of-backburners most of the time.  I swooned for these roses!

Aww Max our rescue pug

The pugs have been doing well despite the below zero temps we’ve had here in Chicago.  When it was negative 10 outside it was difficult to make them go outside and the snow was so high mobility was limited.  It was hilarious- they’d duck outside to the side of the door, pee on the snow pile and duck back in. Smart.

If it’s still freezing but not in the negatives they still take their sweet time finding a place to tinkle.  As any pug owner, they’ll tell you about how stupid meticulous they are about doing their business.

Side note: if anyone knows any pug friendly winter gear I should check out, please let me know.  Many of the coats made for dogs don’t quite fit right..pugs are wide and short so the coats I find are too long for their short posteriors.

Aww Domos On Clearance For 47 cents!

The other day I ended up getting a Christmas Domo Army at Old Navy.  I had to.  They were .47 cents.   While I’m declaring my victory of getting my favorite creepy character from Japan in bulk, I sometimes secretly wonder if I’ll end up on an episode of Hoarders.

A few updates around the house:

We are finally hanging stuff on the walls.  I don’t know why- but it took nearly a year for us to get things on the bare walls.   Part of the reason we waited so long was that we were tracking down vintage plates from the states on Route 66 at various thrift stores and antique malls.  After 6 months of off-and-on looking, we decided to just hang a few sans Kansas & New Mexico…. if you find them though, let us know!

awww route 66 plates

awww plates

We also finally got the Social Print Studio Instagram framed prints posted.  We did one Route 66 themed for the kitchen area, and we’re going to make one every year for our anniversary in August out of our favorite pictures of the year.

Awww Route66 Printstagram


Finally, I decided on some more wall art.  I googled vintage postcards for our home states and printed them at Target.  The frame is from IKEA and the project cost $5.

Awww Route 66 postcard project

 I am still on a search to find things to decorate the walls- but since Route 66 is kind on a interesting motif (unless I want it to look like a 50’s sock hop or over the top Americana) I haven’t found stuff that captures the look.

I have a lot to learn about interior design- I hope to make it more of a focus in 2014 now that I actually have a place to put down roots (since I’ve been on the move since starting the blog in 2011!).  If anything, pictures of loved ones and places I love always make for great decor!


I am still on a search to find things to decorate the walls- but since Route 66 is kind on a interesting motif (unless I want it to look like a 50’s sock hop) I haven’t found stuff that captures the look.



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2 responses to “Things That Make Me Go Awww”

  1. Your fiancee is awesome.
    I’d also buy all the domo’s.
    I’ve always wanted to decorate a wall with plates like that!

    I love seeing my friends happy 🙂

  2. Danika says:

    I want some roses!!! Valentine’s Day is coming!


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