Attention Bloggers: Influester Program Is Fab For Freebies!

November 16, 2012


You all know I’m the queen of scoring blogging freebies right? It’s like my fave thing to get stuff for free.  Just as much, I love helping bloggers get free stuff and cultivate their influence so much, I even wrote an ebook about it! (Yes, I’m that obsessed)  Today, I’ve got another opportunity for you to use your blog to be recognized as an influencer & get some free stuff just to get y0ur feedback!

I seriously lucked out when I signed up for Influenster– it’s a great little site to cultivate your influence and give honest feedback on free products that are sent to your door.  When I signed up, I thought there was going to be a catch but have been pleasantly surprised on how hassle-free the process has been to team up with Influenster!



The above Influenster box was sent to me after I filled out some surveys, racked up some badges based on questionnaires and qualified as a beauty influencer.  There are also other topics you can qualify for based on your lifestyle- fitness, travel, pet lovers & brides to be..just to name a few!

Seriously- it’s simple and I absolutely love the new user interface.  The site is easy to use, the surveys are simple enough for even an impatient girl like me to fill out, and the perks are great!  I wouldn’t recommend anything if I thought it was scammy, and I personally use Influenster (meaning, this is all my honest opinion, no compensation)  so if you’d like to give it a try, you might end up with some awesome freebies to review!

Head over to Influenster to sign up and good luck! 



6 comments so far.

6 responses to “Attention Bloggers: Influester Program Is Fab For Freebies!”

  1. desi says:

    I just signed up and hope to get an invite soon!

  2. kendrrat says:

    I’m definitely gonna give this a try!

  3. Kristin says:

    I signed up and already got my invite. I’m not sure what’s going on, but I can’t find any sort of survey or “how to get started”. I hope others have a better experience than I have.

  4. Kim says:

    Just signed up! Thanks for the info!


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