3 Stupidly Simple Steps to Secure Your Life

November 7, 2012


Stuff happens. Computers and Venti Iced Teas collide with disastrous results.  Your neighbor burns the bacon and ends up flooding his floor (and your ceiling).  Between bar #1 and your best friend’s futon, your credit card ends up somewhere in between.


Taking 10 minutes today could prevent disaster- and it’s almost stupid that most of us don’t.   Let’s get smart and get secure in stupidly simple steps:


Step One: Take Inventory.

Take stock of everything you have that could be useful in case of an insurance claim,  plus all of your crucial financial information and contact numbers in one handy (and locked) computer file.

Your secure inventory should include:

-Your bank information, your credit cards (at least the last 4 digits) and the numbers to call in case of an emergency or stolen wallet.

-All of the items you would need replaced in case of a disaster, with model number and photo documentation if possible.

-Emergency contact information of your doctors, insurance (with account number), family/friends and any vital people you would need to contact or have contacted on your behalf.


Step Two: Secure a Backup.

Now that you have your awesome inventory on a computer file, where to store it in case something happens to your computer?  I have everything backed up on both an external hard drive and on Dropbox.com.  You can get an external hard drive for $45 or less, and it will hold all of your music and pictures.   I personally use Dropbox for my documents as it saves automatically and syncs with my computer as I save new documents.


Step Three: Make Sure You’re Insured.

Renters insurance can be under $10 a month and protects you from a myriad of problems:  flooding, theft, fire and all kinds of other potential mishaps.  After one end of my insurance building caught on fire for NO reason (they still never told us why), I knew it was worth the $10 a month to replace my electronics and furniture at the very least.

I also personally have Term Life Insurance. For around $35 a month, I am putting money aside that can be reclaimed later if not used if something happens.  I know you can get cheaper payments and different rates but for my needs this worked out!

Take a few minutes to evaluate if you have enough insurance, of if the insurance you currently have is giving you enough protection for the best price.  Give a quick call to your institution to do a check in and see if you can get a deal.



I know there’s something I’ve left out.  If there’s anything you’ve done to secure yourself that made you think “Hot damn I’m smart,” please feel free to share so I can bask in your glory and prevent my own self-imposed disasters.


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4 responses to “3 Stupidly Simple Steps to Secure Your Life”

  1. Great post! I don’t currently have life insurance or renter’s insurance, but I did have the latter when I was living in an apartment building that required it. I might talk to Steve about it, since he, Daniel, and I like our computers a bit pricey. 😉

    This is a bit morbid, but I’ve told my parents and Steve that if anything happens to me to donate as much of my body as possible and cremate me. It’s important to me that I not be buried, and also important that my body be used to help others, so I thought it was worth talking about.

  2. jack says:

    Hello, I think life insurance is necessary for everyone’s life and if we cannot done insurance we face to many crises. We have to buy insurance. Life Insurance has many types. Every type has its own features. We have to decide which insurance is beneficial to us. Your article provides such useful information.

  3. shiza says:

    Please keep writing! Your words speak straight to my soul and send me pressing into Jesus….can’t wait to read you memoir!

  4. lisa says:

    I agree with you! I have already life insurance. Solid post!Thanks for sharing. It’s always important to have life insurance.fegli life insurance


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