Things Every (Single) Girl Should Have:

Things Every Single Girl Should Have

-Stuff to Save Yourself With. 

This includes a mini fire extinguisher, tool kit and first aid kit.  If you’re like me who is trying to install a shelf with a candle nearby, and is prone to acting without thinking…or measuring.

And for you ladies that have a man in your life- keep this stuff around for when HE  puts the shelf up nearby an open flame.


-A Bottle of Red Wine & a Bottle of Chilled White Wine.  

Do you even have to ask why?  People will want to hang out with you, especially so you can show off those snazzy new shelves.  Be prepared.  Well, and if they don’t want to hang out with you, you are so stocked for a party-for-one.


-A Wallet List.

Make a list of all the credit cards and other documents your have in your wallet with account numbers and phone numbers to report them if lost or stolen.  Do this now.  Like NOW.  Your martini-impaired brain will only fail you.  (I would know.)

If you have OneNote on your computer, you can have this information password protected, or you can go the old-school route and put it on paper in a very safe place (with some information coded).


-Emergency Contact Information.

Keep a list of emergency contacts in your planner or wallet.  In your living space you should also have a list of numbers to call in case something goes awry that you may not be able to google in a pinch:  landlady, roomies phone numbers, boss’ cell phone,  favorite Chinese Restaurant that delivers (emergency!).  Also, email information to a close friend or relative that you can count on in case something happens.


-A bottle of Seltzer Water, White Vinegar & Baking Soda.

If the wine is too strong, you can water it down and make it taste good.  If the wine is plenty tasty on it’s own and ends up overtaking your capacity to gauge hand-to-mouth distance, you’ll be prepared with a stain remover.  Dab with seltzer water and later with a baking soda mix.  Clear up clogged drains with vinegar/baking soda or brighten your whites with this mixture!


-The Perfect Shade of Red Lipstick.

Trust me, even if you only wear it on special occasions, with the right shade, you will be a SEXY BEAST.  My personal favorite?  Apple Berry Lipstick by Mary Kay- it looks great on everyone!


-Renters Insurance.

My building caught on fire a few months ago.  For. No. Reason.  Like seriously, they never figured it out.  What didn’t burn on that side of the building got flooded out by the firehoses.  Heck, even your hot sordid affairs in the bedroom should be insured!  You can pair your renter’s insurance with your car insurance for a greater deal and pay as little as $8 a month for $15k of coverage.


-Family History.

Most of us have no idea what our family medical history is.   Just asking someone in your family about your genetic history of significant illnesses and problems could be vital information for your doctor and could help you make better judgement calls on your behavior and diet day-to-day.


-AA Batteries.

Beyond the *obvious* reasons you might need these (which was NOT where I was going with this originally), you should be prepared to power your favorite devices- like for the clock on the wall that is ticking away how much time you have left until you’re confined to spinsterhood!   Don’t be caught off guard ladies!


Oh, and one more thing:  

When you go to bed at night and put on your pajamas, ask yourself,  Would I want to be found or rescued in this?

See my story here.  If the answer is no, BURN THEM and opt for something you’d be proud to be seen by hot firefighters in.  Trust me, this has happened to me three times (well, not the dead part).   Learn from my ugly-flanneled shame, and dress to impress- you never know when you’ll need emergency assistance.


  1. Whitney says

    I am definitely working on renter’s insurance and am beginning to rethink my pajama wardrobe after this post! Love from SD!

  2. sooverdebt says

    All of the above are excellent tips. Especially the fire extinguisher – unfortunately I've needed one a number of times. (And you wonder why I don't cook!)

    I just realized that my wallet list is inside my wallet, which isn't helpful at all. Took a picture with my phone so it's saved on my phone and computer now. I need to work on the pajama thing; I tend to look like a hobo.

    One place where I'll disagree – the red lipstick. Red makes me look washed out and ridiculous, like a cheap hooker. I stick with peach or plum shades myself. 🙂

    • Shannyn@FruBeautiful says

      Andrea: See my post about smoothies…it's one thing that's easy and totally won't catch on fire- then again, you with a blender could be problematic, haha!

      Ya, having the wallet list inside the wallet might not be the best tactic…you can always take a picture of it on your phone and email it to yourself…and the red lipstick…I think you'd look fab so there. 🙂

    • Shannyn@FruBeautiful says

      Ya, I'm so sorry to hear about your bag getting snatched, that's totally scary. Times like that it helps to know who to call and how to cancel your cards quickly and effectively…too bad nothing replaces the stuff inside it or your favorite purse.

    • Shannyn@FruBeautiful says

      Oh I feel you Vanessa- I totally need to invest in some cuter PJs. They're nothing I'd be too embarrassed to be seen in but I think they're almost ready to be retired!

  3. says

    I too need to work on the pajama thing and the wine thing. I know I should have some, but my husband has been gone for over a month ( and won't be back anytime soon) and it feels weird drinking at home alone. I should probably get over that. Wallet list is a must.

    • Shannyn@FruBeautiful says

      Haha, yes, everyone should get over drinking wine alone, lol! I kid, I kid. But really, having a bottle of wine on hand is such a lifesaver for an impromptu potluck or a last minute shindig. I've been invited to last minute housewarming parties and end-of-semester celebrations where the weather was awful and getting to the store JUST to have a bottle of wine in hand to show up with was a real drag.

      …plus if you don't use it, you can always cook with it so you don't have to feel like such a weirdo, tee hee!

  4. says

    Great thoughts, and rethinking pj wear after I just went outside in my new 'hood to throw out garbage and ran into a neighbor… that I knew 10 YEARS AGO! Let's just say this wasn't the ideal look for that encounter. hahaha, AWESOME list… I'd add some AAA along with your AA; I swear way too many things require them. xo

  5. says

    Love this! Being a fellow single gal, I can really use these tips. Especially the “think twice before wearing those PJ’s” tip.

    I never thought about securing my wallet list either. I’m so doing this asap!

    • Shannyn@FruBeautiful says

      Having a wallet list is key! If you think about it, if your wallet was stolen RIGHT NOW, do you know what banks to call and what your account numbers are? Would you remember what you even had sitting in your wallet to cancel? Seriously, if I didn't have a list I would have no idea!

      Hmmm, I need to give away some free pajamas on the blog- there seems to be a general consensus that we all need something fresh!

  6. says

    Lol this was a great article, wittily written. I definitely need tools. And new pyjamas. Actually SOME pyjamas. Maybe I’ll start wearing them 🙂

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