Therafit Shoe Review Part 2 & Giveaway

Santa Hustle 5k

I am finishing up my two part review of my new Therafit by Dr. Lisa shoes and I got to test them out at the Santa Hustle 5k in Chicago, see my race recap here after wearing them around the house and to the gym twice.  Both the event and the shoes were a great experience, and I felt totally festive rocking these bright red kicks to get in the holiday spirit.


So onto the women’s athletic shoes by Therafit… I got to review a pair of Deborah Therafit shoes in red.  They retail for $95 and you can read the first part of my review here.

Therafit Shoe Review Fitfluential


These gym shoes are really fun to play with- as you can see from the above picture, you can remove the rods in the heel to adjust your comfort/shock absorption levels.  I absolutely loved to wear these around the house and the gym twice before the race and they performed well for the 5k as well as for the walking I’ve done with the dogs and in Chicago.


I’m very particular about the shoes I wear for long distance running and haven’t found a pair that don’t cause my neutral feet to overpronate when I run.  As I suspected, the shoes did cause me a bit of soreness after the 5k, but for my elliptical runs, gym visits and all-day home wear they are super comfortable and were perfect shock absorbing shoes!

If you need a pair of athletic or shoes for standing all day at work, that’s what I’d recommend them for.  My feet felt great after wearing them all day- but they’re just not my favorite to do over 3 miles in.  If you’re looking for a good gym shoe, post race shoe or workday shoe with long hours spent on your feet, these are your go-to!  I find they’re versatile- if you go for a morning walk or hit the gym, then need to wear these for a day on your feet at work or travel, Therafit is a great investment.


If you would like to try out a pair of Therafit shoes for yourself, use the code:  therafitsa to receive $5 off!

We’re also hostessing a GIVEAWAY for  a pair of Therafit shoes to one of my fabulous readers!

So this is simple! Leave a comment below letting me know by December 17th..

UPDATE, Lacey is our winner!  Watch your email!


What color (see here) would you pick if you win, and what activity do you want a new pair of Therafit Shoes for?

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  1. Jessica says

    I would pick pink! I would wear them at the park with my 3-yr old daughter. We love hanging out outside and taking walks together and she would be so thrilled to see mommy in pink tennis shoes! 🙂

  2. Stephanie says

    I really like the pink shoes – they would be perfect to brighten up my workouts at the gym. It’s always hard to get up and go in the winter.

  3. says

    I love the pink! I’m a flat-footed runner. If I could do it without pain, I’d use them for my Rapunzel costume for the Disney Princess Half in February! Otherwise, I’d probably wear them on my cross-training days.

  4. Allison says

    I would probably pick the black/pink ones, there is something kinda badass about them. I would use them to continue the running app I’m using, I’m about half way through.

  5. Victoria S. says

    I would get the black and white ones, and I would use them for my new fitness regime of running every morning! Trying hard to get into shape!

  6. gigi says

    I love the black & pink ones and I’d use them for running and tennis (they would match one of my tennis outfits perfectly!!) <—and that's the important thing, right!?! haha

  7. Katie McGinnis says

    I LOVE the red Deborahs, but I might pick the black and white, because I want these shoes to wear to my second job at a grocery store where I have to stand for several hours at a time. I’ve been having terrible foot pain lately, and these shoes seem like they may be a good solution.

  8. Renata says

    Oh Wow! I would pick the Deborah Silver/Blue as that would look lovely with jeans and workout clothes! I would wear them everyday as I work out in my step classes and treadmill at my LA Fitness gym! Thank you!

  9. Ray says

    My wife’s old shoes are completely worn bare and I would give her the new Deborah Red ones for a bright festive Christmas gift! She is an avid walker & does at least 3 miles a day around the neighborhood!

  10. Sandra says

    I love the black and purple, and I just signed up for my first 5K, giving me three months to train. These would be the perfect pair to my New Year’s Resolution.

  11. Tami Grandi says

    I would go with the black and white. I am a teacher so I would probably use them more for on the job wearing. I am on my feet a lot!

  12. kimber michelle says

    I would luv to win a pair of these for my mom her back arthritis is so bad and she has a really hard time finding comfortable shoes.

  13. Lacey says

    If I win I would pick the Silver/Blue since they are the colors of the High School I work for. While wearing these my feet would not only be happy at work, they would be full of school spirit!

  14. Cindy Mahaffey says

    I would love the Deborah hot pink pair of these shoes! I work in a warehouse daily for 8 or more hours and they would be perfect for the long hours. I also want to take up running with my husband at night as he is considering a career in the military.

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