My Office Is Saved From Ugly Clutter! Scout Bungalow Co. Storage Review

In September I relocated from Chicago to California and had to set up shop to comfortably but frugally work my blog and social media consulting business from home.  One of the biggest headaches from the move was the fact that I had to ditch nearly all of my storage tuppers in the process in order to keep the move frugal.

Truth be told, you cannot ship tuppers via Amtrak Freight (since they’re not shatter proof) and their slightly curvy shape meant they didn’t perfectly stack in the rental car to move them.  Since I’m partially a review blogger, I had tuppers full of to-be-reviewed product in order to stay organized.  You can imagine my dismay when I had to give up my beloved clear tuppers when I relocated, leaving me without any storage solutions in my new place.

Scout must have heard my cry for help since they sent me a gorgeous and girly storage solution for my new impromptu office space.  Their Rump Roost Bins come in cute prints and are far more stylish and versatile than the traditional clear tupper.

At first, you may think that the $57 price tag is not frugal- but I assure you, you’re getting style, versatility and durability over your average plastic bin.  Plus, you will have plenty of options when it comes to getting your life organized- either for home, office or on the go with their coordinating bag collection!


storage bins


Why I LOVE Scout Bungalow For Organizing My Office:

  • The bin is completely collapsable, meaning, that if I have to move again (which I will) my storage can come with me.
  • Lightweight, but durable, these bins hold a lot of stuff but look more sophisticated than a plastic bin where you can see my, ahem, junk.
  • Leopard Print… ’nuff said. Beyond being pretty to look at, it’s also well made!
  • This bin is part of a line, you can get your whole life organized and color coordinated!

Scout Cute Storage Solutions

This is my impromptu office until I’m able to move back to Chicago and move in with my honey (pug in tow!)  and I love that this bin will be girly but still guy-friendly (The print is even called Def Leopard…so it gets points with my fella!).   Right now, it’s housing all of my blogging stuff- photo equipment, paper, review items & lighting…with room to spare!  As soon as I set it up and organized my insane little office, it was like a breath of fresh air!

I would recommend any of the Scout by Bungalow Co. products-  but I seriously hope they’ll make more office stuff in leopard, I cannot get enough of it!   Huge thanks to Scout by Bungalow Co. for sending this over to review, it has saved my sanity and made my office really feel like home and who knows, perhaps having cute office gear helps improve my productivity?  I’m willing to take that bet. :)

Is there an organizational item that saves your sanity?

Where do you get your organizational inspiration?



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