Meet Max- Just One Pug Whose Life Has Benefited From Pug Rescue and Needs Your Help This Month!

Pug Rescue Fundraiser


Max is here!  (see original post here)

A new foster pug has entered our home, and we couldn’t feel more grateful.  Last Saturday, we picked up Max from a friendly Pug Rescue volunteer who had coordinated us as his foster parents, and our lives haven’t been the same since.  Max was given up by his owner who recently experienced a dramatic life change and worried she wouldn’t be able to provide the care he needed under those circumstances and sadly had to give him up.

Needless to say, we love Max.  He’s a little cyclone of energy who loves to play fetch, tug and sniff every tree in the neighborhood.  He’s 4.5 years old and full of pep.  He’s just one of countless pugs who have benefited from the aid of the Northern Illinois Pug Rescue and have been placed immediately from home to foster care or forever home through their work.

Pug Rescue Fundraiser For Max


Pug Rescue Fundraiser- Make A Difference!



This month, we’re raising $500 to help NIPRA, Max and pugs like him- I could use your help!

NIPRA gives every pug a second chance at life- even if they are considered “unadoptable” by most other shelters or rescues.  

This organization takes in every pug possible that is relinquished or found- even if their prospects for adoption are uncertain.  Some pugs are put directly on hospice with a foster parent and are given the care they need to live our their days in peace- whether from age, abuse, neglect or disease, every pug deserves a warm home no matter for how long.

Others, like Max, are put with a new family sometimes temporarily and sometimes they find a forever home with their foster parents.  Max is in good health, rambunctious and totally sweet- sadly, not every pug is this lucky when they’re discovered.  When I adopted Ralph, a then 8 year old pug, two years ago, after fostering him- he had come into my care needing a lot of TLC- double ear infections, a facial infection (from his face not being cleaned), a tooth needing extraction and his shots.

Ralph’s medical costs far exceeded the cost of adoption- totaling over $1200 to bring him back to health- much of which the rescue reimbursed me for when I fostered him, some I covered on my own, but bills kept coming in.  Adoption fees are around $300 and it leaves volunteers for the organization to fundraise to cover extra costs.  Two years ago, we raised over $700 to help support pug rescue through NIPRA, and this year, we are raising $500 to help Max & pugs like him.


In April we're raising money to benefit pug rescue by selling blog ads, taking donations and offering blogger coaching to help rescue Max and other pugs like him. Can you repin or tweet?



So- Here’s How You Can Help Rescue Max:


Straight Up Donate:  Of course, every penny you donate will go to the Pug Rescue, you donation matters and totally helps!  Click here to donate via Paypal…



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Purchase A Blog Sidebar Ad:  If you’d like to make this a win-win, advertise your blog or business and I’ll donate 100% of your advertising dollars to rescuing Max!  Book your ad here.

Book Your Rockstar Blogger Coaching Session:  My goal is that every coaching client earns back their coaching fee within 60 days.  Know that you’ll be able to grow your revenue and 50% of your fee will go directly to the Pug Rescue.  Book your coaching sessions here.

Order A Blog Critique & Action Sheet:  For $75, you get a 5-6 page PDF feedback sheet with action steps on how you can improve your blog, grow your revenue, and fully optimize your blog to work with major brands. 50% of your purchase will go to the rescue efforts.  Email me to order your blog critique & action sheet.


If we’re able to sell all of the ad spots for May on the blog- that’s $435 donated to save pugs… if someone reserves their Rockstar Blogging coaching spot or get some donations we’ll have $500 in no time!   I wanted to make this fundraiser a win-win, so you can grow your business or blog AND help save pugs.


Thanks again for your support-  $500 can save a lot of pugs!


On behalf of Max, Ralph & many other rescued pugs, thank you- $500 can save a life and change many others.

 Update:  We raised $500 and on top of our $350 donation fee our family paid, we donated $850 to the pug rescue…thank you for buying blog ads and making donations to this great organization as we welcome a new furry family member.  He’s a thrilled pug!

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