You Have No Idea: A BlogHer Book Review


My expectation for this book was that it would be a snarky mother-daughter face off of “I told you so’s” and “Whatevers,” between two powerhouse and frankly, gorgeous women.

Many of us don’t remember that before Vanessa William’s had a notable movie and tv career, she was America’s first black Miss America.  She also lost her title because some professional nude photos surfaced of her that she had done years prior. Oh ya, and the creepy photographer that sold them Hustler made a lot of money doing so.  Her honesty and humor makes her more human than most superstars, and I believe it speaks to the power of the human spirit.


Going through the book and seeing Vanessa survive and even thrive despite her fall from grace with Miss America is nothing short of inspirational.  I think back to my late teens and early 20’s with chagrin- I wasn’t a bad girl by any means, but I surely was nieve.   I can only imagine what it’s like to be in her shoes in a new millenium, it makes me feel sorry for any woman running for public office who grew up in the age of Facebook where your dumb teen moments and poor judgement calls are permanently accessible somewhere in the archives of your online past.

Vanessa illuminates that no woman has to be “ruined,” because of society’s attempt to shame women or exploit their beauty, intelligence and ability to be leaders of their own lives.  I really enjoyed the book!

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