Frugal Fashion: Make The Most Of Your Wardrobe {Video}

One of my biggest headaches of all time is keeping my wardrobe organized.  I have the horribly unfrugal habit of not taking good care to organize my stuff which leads to me buying similar items (spending more money) or spending too much time getting ready since I feel I have nothing to wear (then, spending more money!)

Honestly, if it’s not in front of my face or I don’t already have an outfit in mind I just don’t utilize my wardrobe effectively.  I saw these two videos from my fave bloggers at Fabulous On A Budget which were so brilliant it caused angels to sing in my room.  They=super fab and smart and I had to share since I adore their style (and the fact they get tipsy)!


Enjoy these great Vlogs from Fabulous On A Budget!


Use Tabs From Pop Cans To Create Outfits On The Rack & Save Space:


Quick Tricks To Smartly Organize Your Closet (You know, to FIND stuff!):

What tips do you use to keep your wardrobe organized?

What blogs/vlogs give you the best ideas for fashion & decor?



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      Don’t they seriously make the best videos? I’ve subbed to them on YouTube- they always have the best style and smartest ideas… and they drink which is hilarious!

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    I love the videos, super entertaining! I think the closet also subbed as a computer room, super smart idea. My closets are ALWAYS way too small (I move a lot) and I’m always looking for ways to get larger space. A well organized closet doesn’t look too bad if it’s paired in another room.

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