Finding Designer Brands for Less!

There are a ton of sites out there that offer designer brands for less, but these are just three that I have used and had success with.  Their emails aren’t too annoying, and they usually are smart enough to know exactly what we’re looking for and group items in a way that’s easy to find and buy.  Each has perks if you refer to friends by email, and of course, tons of cute stuff to peruse.  Enjoy!  Shop It To Me sends semi-regular emails tailored to your brand choices.  Upon sign up, you select your favorite brand choices- Burberry, Betsey Johnson, DKNY…etc.  and whenever things in that brand are found at a discount, you’ll get an email.

They also have a referral program if you invite your friends through their service you can get a gift card from several great stores.
  I got a fab DKNY down feather coat at back in October for super cheap.  Coupled with the awesome deals at CouponCactus that got me cashback and free shipping, I was a happy camper.

If you want designer brands for less which are still in style for the upcoming season, try BlueFly.  They will occasionally send out emails for designer jewelry as well (TIFFANY!) and have insane markdowns.   You also get get $10 off your first order for signing up for their emails.


  You can search Ebay for any designer item you’d like, but Fashion Vault is more like the “Blue light special” where certain batches of items go on sale for only a few hours.  After sign up, you get semi-regular emails when a brand or item type goes on sale and in Ebay-like tradition, you must clamor to get the item before it’s gone.


You can imagine my great dismay when a batch of Betsey Johnson bags went on sale and were completely sold out by the time I hopped online after work to view them.  FashionVault also has a referral program for recommending it to friends.


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