Debt Free & Fabulous

Frugal Beautiful Pledge, A Reminder To Strive For Debt Freedom and Total Fabulousity- Free Printable! Take the Pledge and Print It Out!

If you agree to living a financially savvy life, regardless of past transgressions I invite you to become a Debt Free & Fabulous. Please submit your blog {or name if you’re not a blogger} and be added to our roster and add a badge to your sidebar so the world can know how awesome you are!

Please note: Long term debt for medical bills, student loans, mortgages, etc. that are needed for survival or can be assets, don’t count for this pledge- we’re going to focus on eradicating consumer debt, impulse buys and mindless consumerism! ;)

Debt Free & Fabulous Ladies:

Thrifty & Fit
She’s Pretty Frugal
I’m Pretty…
4 Hats & Frugal
Running For Dummies
Earning My Two Cents
My Lovely Little Life
Life After Laundry
Leave No Debt Outstanding

If you’ve uploaded the badge and want to take the pledge- email me to be added to the list!

Please Choose One The Following Badges For Your Sidebar To Show Off Your Pride or Progress!

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