Bridal Style: How To Make Polaroid Thank You Notes From Instagram On Your Phone with #CanonPIXMA

Canon Pixma Printer For Cloud Printing From Your iPhone

To me, thank you notes are the most important part of any gift-given shindig.  When one is getting married or having a baby, it’s common to get showered with lots of awesome goodies, usually right before a big life change, and while it’s easy to just “phone it in,” when it comes to the thank

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True Story: Shopping For Bridal Dresses Made Me Feel Pretty… Darn Awful

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 8.06.10 AM

You know, I have lowered my expectations of bridal dress shopping several times. There seems to be a lot of emotion wrapped up in the dress shopping experience for women, some of it being personal other times, it’s just a lot of marketing hogwash meant to sell the “special experience of your special day.”  (Seriously,

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Home Is Wherever I’m With You: Our Engagement Photo Session

Logan Square Engagement Session

This whole, gettin’ hitched on Route 66 thing is become really real.  Like, really really real.  We’ve booked a wedding venue, the hubby-to-be has his suit, we’ve decided on a budget (which we’ve already messed up) and I’ve decided on colors and a theme for our wedding. Each wedding is a unique little snowflake when

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