20 DIY Cocktail Mason Jar Gift Ideas

Mason Jar Cocktail Gift DIY

Cocktails in a mason jar- it’s an easy gift that can be truly savored by the recipient!  This roundup includes not only infused liqueurs, but also some fun recipes for cocktail accessories (like brandy cherries and homemade margarita salt) so you’ll be a hero no matter what you give! These cocktail mason jar gift ideas

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5 Ways To Make Your Frugal Wedding Better

On a budget for your wedding?  Don't let the industry make you depressed, your frugal wedding can be awesome, and it will be awesome! One frugal bride on a budget shares her tips

  We didn’t have a cheap wedding. But spending money on a great photographer and venue – while it’s important for you – doesn’t always ensure that your guests will have a great time. I’ve been to weddings that cost $40,000 where I left early and ones that cost $10,000 where danced all night. Yes,

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5 Wedding Necessities You Don’t Need

On A Budget For Your Wedding?  5 Wedding Necessities You Don’t Need

I got married a few weeks ago and the days after were filled with compliments from friends and family. People said our wedding felt intimate, personal and “us.” They danced during the reception (from a mix that my husband custom made) and cried during the ceremony, filled with vows we wrote and a sermon from

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Love & Money: How to Merge Your Finances

Partnering up or getting married?  How to get your money in order when you marry and merge your finances as a married couple

The last vestige of single life isn’t living alone, it’s having your own finances. Most of us have had roommates at some point. But unless you’re married or engaged, you probably haven’t had to share a bank account.  Money is one of the top reasons people get divorced, and talking about it can lead to

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From A Bride Who Knows: How to Save Money On Your Wedding

Pin this for your wedding, or send it to an overwhelmed bride to be- saving doesn't have to be stressful!

  They say that planning a wedding is stressful, and it is. Unless you’re used to organizing events for hundreds of people, no bride (or groom) is prepared to plan a wedding. If you’re trying to save money, it gets even harder. Fortunately there are plenty of us current brides in the midst of our

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