Don’t Be Spooked! Tips For Tackling Your Scariest Financial Fears

Debt, retrirement, mortgages, babies- how to save up and face your biggest financial fears

Fall is an awesome time of year, isn’t it?  Cooler temperatures, falling leaves, cozy fall fashion and of course, everyone loves Halloween!  It’s a time to play dress up- whether you want to be glam or scary, it’s a fun time to explore beyond the norm. While most of us think about our finances around

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How To Roll Over A 401k

401ks don't have to be overwhelming. How to roll over your 401k without the pain, especially when you don't know what you're doing. It's easy!

  A 401 (k) is one of the best benefits a job can give you. Most companies offer a matching incentive and you often have a good range of funds to choose from. But when you leave your job – whether it’s voluntarily or not – you can take your 401 (k) with you. (Yes,

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5 Ways to Make Extra Money

5 Ways to Make Extra Money That You May Not Have Tried Before...They're Useful & Creative

Too often when we talk about being frugal, the easy answer is to find things to cut back on. When I was trying to pay off my student loans, I started by cutting back. But eventually, like a diet, you reach a breaking point. I couldn’t change my rent for at least another year, I didn’t

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Why Saving For The Sunny Days Is Just As Important As The Rainy Ones


If you’ve read any sort of personal finance book or blog in the last few months, you know the importance of saving for a rainy day in an emergency fund.  A small bad day, can be totally catastrophic when you don’t have the money saved away.  A flat tire could set you back $180, and

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Before You Sign Up: 5 Quick Tips For 401ks

Don't be overwhelmed with your 401k! This guide makes it simple for you to start, or restart your retirement savings without the overwhelm!

Getting a 401k is one of the easiest ways to start saving for retirement. But before you choose a fund, read these tips to see the best way to maximize your company’s 401k.   1.  Matching The most important aspect of a 401k is the matching program. Many companies offer incentives for their employees to

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