3 Fast Track Tips To Get Your Finances Straight This Year

Get out of debt.  Stop procrastinating with money.  Learn to invest.  Make money when you’re broke.  Save for retirement when you’re young.  These are just a few of the money resolutions people have year after year, but by the time the snow thaws, many New Years resolutions have already bitten the dust…have yours? It’s far

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People First, Then Money, Then Things. Why Saving Your Money Leads To A Happier Life.

Saving for Walt Disney World

For each of us, there have been times when our money (or lack of it) has ruled our lives and put a stranglehold on our ambitions, adding daily stresses to our lives now, and sucking the life out of our future dreams.   On Frugal Beautiful, I want as many people as possible to live

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Health & Wealth: How Your Body & Your Wallet Are Connected

health and wealth

    When I started Frugal Beautiful two years ago, I mainly focused on frugality and finance in my writing.  I would spend hours pouring over my own finances, working long hours and trying to side hustle for income- expending every last bit of energy to getting my money in order.  Health was always an

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