You Don’t Have To Quit Your Job and Start Your Own Business To Follow Your Passion… Advice From A Former Freelancer

Confessions of a former freelancer

  Chances are if you’ve been outside of a cave with reliable internet access for the past two years, you’ve picked up on the general “lifestyle design” buzz that has been telling us to quit your job, leave your cubicle and start your own business. Words like “freelancing,” “location independence,” “anti 9-5″ and “cubicle renegade,”

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The Post College Resume Format: Putting Together A Resume That Doesn’t Suck

College Resume Format

    Don’t be overwhelmed by the process of putting together a resume after you’ve graduated.  Your college resume format is a great foundation for getting internships and jobs, but if you want a more sophisticated post college resume format, just avoid some of the most common pitfalls that recent grads make so your resume

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How To Land A Job: Secrets From A HR Insider (Juicy, Juicy Stuff + Giveaway)

Getting Hired As A College Grad

  As a recent grad and freelancer who is lookin’ to score a full time position with a company that makes my heart flutter, I have been totally deflated and frustrated by the lack of relevant and up-to-date job hunting information and resources that are geared for the 2010’s and beyond and help new graduates.

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A Girl’s Gotta Pay The Bills: Should I Go Corporate?

Finding a job you love

  I am a very happy, happy lady.  I am living back in southern California, just purchased a car (a Ford Focus I call Bruce Wayne’s Bat Mobile or the “Bruce Caboose” after my dad who picked it out.)  and am loving my running training.  I just added two new races to my schedule and

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Job Hunting For The Recent Grad- Guaranteed To Kill Your Soul

No jobs, no hope, no cash- HA!

  HA!  See kids? Being a recent grad in a down economy can actually be quite hilarious.  I am going to warn you, faithful blog readers, that this will not be my normal “informational” post.  This will be more of a spilling, or a rant per se.  For nearly two months I’ve kept the nail-biting

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