3 Things You Need to Know About Blogging for Yourself vs. Getting Paid to Write for Blogs

Need some side hustle income or a new career?  Writing for other people's blogs as a freelance writer

Hi Everyone, today, I’m featuring a guest post from my friend Cat who is launching an awesome product for those of you who are interested in a career in freelance writing for full time or part time income.  I’m all about side hustles and extra income and love Cat, so I hope this is helpful!

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Why Supporting Bloggers Is A Labor Of Love


I think we all know that blogging, even when it’s run as a full time job or a serious side hustle, is still a labor of love- but honestly, being a reader of blogs is too. I get most of my news from non-traditional sources and bloggers.  When I research projects around the house or places

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Honest Question: Can You Really Make Money Blogging?

I get this question a lot- “Can you really make money blogging?” and it’s not just from readers, it’s from aunts, neighbors, colleagues and high school friends… people ask me about my “full time blog” (as opposed to full time job, though I do have one of those too!) and if it’s actually profitable.  They’ve

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How To Build A Successful Blog With A Full Time Job

Working full-time but love blogging? Here are my best tips on growing a successful blog alongside a full-time job!

I love reader emails, every time I get one it makes all the hard work worth it!  Lately, I’ve gotten a few reader emails asking me for advice about blogging and I knew it was about due time I wrote another post around blogging. I started building my blog in 2011 when I was a

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The Dirty Truth About Problogging: Bad, Bad PR.

The Dirty Truth About Problogging- Bad, Bad PR.

I’ve been blogging at FrugalBeautiful.com for three years now.  By no means am I a superstar blogger in comparison to some, but I do earn income and cool perks from my blog- I treat it like a business and I use it to help pay my bills.  I treat my blogs like a business with

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