I’ve Finally Made My Bucket List… Round 1.

My Big Arse Bucket List

I have been mulling over this bucket list for quite some time.  One of the biggest frustrations I had in putting it together is that I felt there was so much I don’t know about the world.  I kept pouring over bucket list ideas and lists of must-see places before you die- and the world

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Handle With Care: Preparing For A Big Move

How to prepare for a big move...with your sanity intact & peace of mind!

  I’ve moved across country three times and across the city once.  First from California to Chicago for graduate school, then again back home after I graduated to no job in sight, the final time, I moved back in 2013 for love.  (Luckily the last time, I moved back for more than just love- since we

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What Grief & Loss Really Look Like

Kassie's Memorial

I think, in our minds, we have an idea of what grief, sadness, depression and loss look like. In our minds, that’s not us.  That’s not the people we see on our happy, shiny Facebook feeds.  It’s not on the faces of random people in the street, so what does it look like?  Right now,

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2013: The Year That Changed My Life

2013 FrugalBeautiful

  I never would have thought that this would be a game changing year for me, but through loss, love, change and an array of defeats and triumphs I’ve come through 2013 with nothing but gratitude in my heart.   This year, I lost my Godfather to Parkinson’s Disease in March and in the fall,

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The Craziest Week Of My Life…A Death, Job Change and a Marriage Proposal

Life's Journey

    Yup, you read that right- September has been a wee bit insane for me- this post has sat in the queue for well over a week, but before everyone Googles what crisis line to refer me to, I’m doing fine.  I did though, want to relay everything that’s happened since I’ve gotten a

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