Big Decisions & Moving Boxes- Where I’m Headed Next

Us January 2016

The other half & I over Christmas, in the midst of the decision making. I haven’t been doing much personal blogging lately- the blog for the past two months has been a lot of “puttin it out there” without getting too personal.  Part of me wanted to wait until the decisions were made and chips

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Going Across The Pond: Discovering The Truth Of Things You Need To Do

Shannyn in Dublin

My first day of solo travel in Dublin, Ireland in front of St. Patrick’s Cathedral. In September, while watching the Tudors on Netflix as background noise for another day of work at home, the feelings finally boiled over. I couldn’t figure out why I needed to go, I just needed to go.  It was as

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2015, The Year Of The #GirlBoss. Big Updates!

This year has been full of lessons.  If you’re not making choices about your life, someone else will make them for you, and If you aren’t living and launching on your own terms, you’re letting someone else define who you are, and how you can be successful.  Of course, living and launching on your own

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My Frugality Might Not Be Yours, Don’t Give Up

Gram and Me

This is my mantra.  Don’t compare your behind the scenes to someone’s highlight reel…#truth. What makes me different than “frugality experts,” is that I’m not always on point, and I don’t know if I would even consider myself an expert, I’m just a person who knows who wants to save money so life can be

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Recognizing Privilege In A World Of #FirstWorldProblems

Humans Of New York

Warning:  This is going to be a really random post by me… I’ve had to prune it twice as I went on a serious venting about how annoyed I already am with election season and the “us vs. them” rhetoric that keeps everyone divided and nobody moving forward…that rant will be saved for another day.  For now,

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