2013: The Year That Changed My Life

2013 FrugalBeautiful

  I never would have thought that this would be a game changing year for me, but through loss, love, change and an array of defeats and triumphs I’ve come through 2013 with nothing but gratitude in my heart.   This year, I lost my Godfather to Parkinson’s Disease in March and in the fall,

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The Craziest Week Of My Life…A Death, Job Change and a Marriage Proposal

Life's Journey

    Yup, you read that right- September has been a wee bit insane for me- this post has sat in the queue for well over a week, but before everyone Googles what crisis line to refer me to, I’m doing fine.  I did though, want to relay everything that’s happened since I’ve gotten a

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Two Half Marathons, Three Major Purchases And Five Comic Books Later

photo 1

So…some fun stuff and a few updates… I’ve been burning through miles, training like a madwoman ….and I’ve spent way too much of my hard earned cash this week, but it was worth it! So I haven’t been posting race recaps lately simply because I’ve been doing a lot of races and I’m sure you

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A Creepy Letter I Wrote To Myself Over A Year Ago and The Power of Attraction

a letter to my future self

Many people roll their eyes when they hear someone citing the “power of attraction,” or the importance of a positive mental attitude-  ever since the commercialization of The Secret and the commercialization of self-help by what feels like a million “self help gurus,” many of us are rightfully annoyed by anyone piping up about all

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I’m Hittin’ The Road to Chicago In 20 Days… Let’s Have Some Fun!

moving to chicago

  Many of you might be scratching your heads- didn’t I just leave Chicago in August?  Well, yes, SCREW YOU WINTER!  I’ve been in California for a few months, all the while, falling head over heels for this guy who somehow discovered my glass slipper is a pair of running shoes and loves pugs as

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