How To Create A DIY Faux Mudroom

How To Create a DIY Mudroom From A TV Stand

The Mud Room, it’s helpful wherever there’s weather.  In our condo, there isn’t such a room, to handle all of the rainy umbrellas and the muddy boots of inclement weather- but with some ingenuity, we have made one! Honestly, in our little space, having a place for all of the muddy shoes, wet stuff and

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Frugal Crafting: Learn to Craft With Online Classes

Frugal Crafting Made Easy with Online Guides & Video Tutorials

I am so excited to be done with school for the term  so I can focus on some awesome holiday & winter crafting.  A few weeks ago I discovered and was totally excited by the community they’ve created around all kinds of crafty projects. I’m so taking their paper art classes and totally want

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Crafting Your Own Fashion – A Frugal Fashionista’s Guide

I love fashion, I am also terribly broke at times.  As a grad student living in the big city, I have found that whenever I need a new accessory but am low on cash, it is wonderful to be able to reach into my stash and grab a skein of yarn and whip up a

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