The Post College Resume Format: Putting Together A Resume That Doesn’t Suck

College Resume Format

    Don’t be overwhelmed by the process of putting together a resume after you’ve graduated.  Your college resume format is a great foundation for getting internships and jobs, but if you want a more sophisticated post college resume format, just avoid some of the most common pitfalls that recent grads make so your resume

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I’ve Graduated! My Commencement Fashion & Personal Reflections

what to wear to graduation

Saving Money as a Student: My Top Frugal Hacks

Yes, you can buy this Hello Kitty backpack.  That right there is my #1 tip for students.

  If you’re a college student there are tons of great discounts out there and ways to save money.  I have been able to save $700+ EACH semester using these hacks by living frugally as a student. Enjoy!  

Free Online Documentary On Debt: The College Conspiracy

  We all value education, don’t we? But as a current graduate student, I’m alarmed by the amount of debt my friends and peers are taking on… $20k, $50k, $100k, $120k. What will happen when our generation wants to buy a home, have a child or put money towards our retirement but we’re still paying

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Tackling Life After College and Debt w/ Jenny Blake

Jenny Blake is one-heckofa-blogger and now a pretty snazzy book author, as she recently released Life After College: the Complete Guide to Getting What You Want.   I just discovered a great resource through which is choc-full of wonderful videos, and posts that will help you navigate your financial life. Jenny just teamed up

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