Clutter Driving You Crazy? The Easiest Stuff To Toss In Under 5 Minutes

Clutter driving you crazy? 5 things you can toss in under 5 minutes to breathe easier.

If you look around your space and want to pull your hair out, you’re not alone.  If you feel a case of the crazies coming on, chances are, you could a quick, 20 minute declutter.  Trying to tackle your closet or cupboards might seem a daunting task, but everything on the list below can be

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Somewhat Belated: My Not-Getting-Married-This-Year 2015 Goals

2015 Goals

  Goals. They’re a thing that seem to be going around this time of year.  Everyone makes ‘em, everyone breaks ‘em…so I approach goals with a anticipatory curiosity and I have to wonder- how will this year pan out? Last year, my major goal was to hustle and save $20,000 in 2014- which I sort

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So. Many. Pugs.

So many pugs!

As you know, right now, now that I’m living in a new place- Matilda is an only child.  While she relishes in the attention of being the only pug baby in my midst- getting all the kibble, all the cuddles and not once having to put up with anyone’s toy hogging shennaigans, she does enjoy

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Give More. Save More. Why It’s Vital To Your Budget To Give Back #holidaymeans

Give More, Save More - How giving back can help your budget.

  When you’re on a tight budget, it’s easy to rule your spending with an iron fist- a clenched tight, iron fist.  It seems counterintuitive to give back when you’re broke, but if I had one piece of advice for finding more abundance in your life, it is to give often and give when it

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It’s A Very Merry Christmas- The Virtual Pug Run Donation Totals Announced!

Virtual Pug Run- $8,176 Donated!

Domo-Santa wishes you a Merry Christmas and so do I!  Christmas around my house is totally nerdy and a little bit quirky.  This holiday, I am so very grateful for a year full of challenge and blessings. My trip home to be with family is going to be a crazy week of working remote, driving

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