Matilda, Cue The Confetti! We Have 200 Virtual Pug Runners So Far!

Party Animal Matilda Pug Virtual Pug Run

Woo hoo!! 2000!!!!!!  (throws confetti)  “Mom, this is pretty and all, but can I eat it?” Matilda is a total party animal pug.  She is full of spunk, loves treats and does this adorable thing where she tugs on your clothes when she wants your attention- looking up at you with those adorable brown eyes.

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Recognizing Privilege In A World Of #FirstWorldProblems

Humans Of New York

Warning:  This is going to be a really random post by me… I’ve had to prune it twice as I went on a serious venting about how annoyed I already am with election season and the “us vs. them” rhetoric that keeps everyone divided and nobody moving forward…that rant will be saved for another day.  For now,

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It’s Back To School Time!

Colorful and Useful College Essentials

It’s back to school time, and while I’m not in college anymore, I always seem to try and approach fall with the same enthusiasm as I did when the semester started. As a tradition, I usually get some fresh new supplies and try to assess my workflow and focus for the next few weeks. Honestly, I

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The 5 Biggest Ways to Save Money on College Expenses

Going Back To School?  How to save the most money on your recurring expenses and big purchases as a college student, from students who know!

College is known as the best time of your life, but it can also be the most expensive. From tuition to housing, it’s easy to drop thousands without realizing it. Here are some easy ways you can save each semester when you go back to college this fall. Books College bookstores are infamous for ripping

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How to Decorate on a Budget

Love Pinterest but hate your budget? How to decorate like you belong on Pinterest on a tight budget for a gorgeous new space

One of the most difficult parts about living on your own is finding the money to decorate. When you’re paying off debt or living on a tight budget, it can be hard to reconcile having a nice apartment and saving money. Here are the strategies I’ve used to make my house look stylish without spending

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