Spring Cleaning 101: The Best Resources To Live Your Tidiest Life

Spring Cleaning 101- The Best Books We've Found To Help You Get Organized & Declutter

What’s the best thing about spring besides temperatures warm enough for iced chai lattes? Cleaning. Well, maybe not so much. However, the spring brings about a sense of a renewal and is the perfect time to purge the old and bring in a refreshed sense of purpose. As the minimalist move has taken hold, there

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Big Decisions & Moving Boxes- Where I’m Headed Next

Us January 2016

The other half & I over Christmas, in the midst of the decision making. I haven’t been doing much personal blogging lately- the blog for the past two months has been a lot of “puttin it out there” without getting too personal.  Part of me wanted to wait until the decisions were made and chips

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How to Save on Meals

How To Save Money On Meals (Without Going Crazy In The Process)  More Frugal Hacks & Budget Living Advice from Frugal Beautiful!

I’ll admit it, my daily trips to Trader Joes are taking a serious toll on my wallet, and my sanity. Not only am I indulging in spontaneous purchases that fulfill my momentary need for of all-things-salty-and-sweet, but I’m also over-purchasing and allowing foods (that bag of spinach from 2015, ahem) to go the waste. Here

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What To Know Before Adopting Your First Pet #HeresToFirsts

Party Animal Matilda Pug

Adopting your first pet is another stage of adulting that can be exciting but freaky at the same time.  So, how do you determine if you’re really ready to take on the responsibility of a pet? Before we launch into that, as a momma of a pug and Boston terrier who were adopted from rescues,

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Going Across The Pond: Discovering The Truth Of Things You Need To Do

Shannyn in Dublin

My first day of solo travel in Dublin, Ireland in front of St. Patrick’s Cathedral. In September, while watching the Tudors on Netflix as background noise for another day of work at home, the feelings finally boiled over. I couldn’t figure out why I needed to go, I just needed to go.  It was as

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