How To Ask For A Raise…And Get It!

You deserve a raise, but you also deserve the confidence to ask for it! Here's'll want to pin this for later!

You’ve probably read a lot recently about how women avoid asking for raises, promotions and more responsibility. Yes, there is a still a gap between how much men and women are paid. But since men do negotiate more, maybe there’s something we women can do to fix that. Instead of complaining or being upset, you can

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On Love, Loss, Breakups & Divorce. A Personal Letter After Calling Off A Wedding

The Virtual Pug Run

I stumbled upon an article after seeing it mentioned on George Takei’s Facebook page (which I tell you, is a treasure trove of both hilarious and heartwarming posts which is worth giving a “like” to.) and upon reading it, I was moved to tears.  The post was titled, “An Open Letter to My Ex-Husband’s New

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How I Saved 32% On My Grocery Bill with an iPhone App #MyMixx

How I saved 32 percent on my grocery bill without having to cut any paper coupons!

I hate clipping paper coupons.  Even when the register prints them out during checkout and it’s for an item I want to purchase next time, I rarely, if ever, remember the darn things the next time I go to pick up groceries.  Some frugality bloggers swear by coupons, and if you look at Instagram, you

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Apartment Essentials Every Woman Needs Before Something Happens

Do you have everything you need in case of an emergency?  Be prepared instead of being sorry & grab what you need on your next Target run or put it on in your Amazon cart now!

  This past fall, I moved into my new apartment, and it was the first time in my adult life I didn’t have roomies.  Yes, at 28, I finally have the place all to myself, and as exciting as that was- I found that there were so many little things I didn’t have upon moving

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Clutter Driving You Crazy? The Easiest Stuff To Toss In Under 5 Minutes

Clutter driving you crazy? 5 things you can toss in under 5 minutes to breathe easier.

If you look around your space and want to pull your hair out, you’re not alone.  If you feel a case of the crazies coming on, chances are, you could a quick, 20 minute declutter.  Trying to tackle your closet or cupboards might seem a daunting task, but everything on the list below can be

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