When You Just Need A Giant Reset Button…Searching For Home & Starting Over.

Charleston North Carolina Mansion- My future home

The famous fountain in Charleston, SC.  The pineapple is a symbol for hospitality, what I have been searching for on a 2.5 week trip…friendly, hospitable and warm. I have been on the road most of June and July.  After a difficult season last fall & starting over on my own in early winter, plus a

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Your Guide To Airline Travel With Pets

Medium Sherpa Carrier on an American Airlines Flight

I’ve flown with my pug Matilda several times- both on Southwest Airlines and American Airlines.  If you have a small animal and are going for an extended stay, it might be more cost effective to take them with you than paying for boarding. Of course,  you also need to make sure where you’re staying doesn’t

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5 Things To Do This Summer To Help Build Your Career

Summer isn't just for lazy beach days!  You should be gearing up your career this summer, here's how!

It doesn’t matter if you’re in college on break, or if you’re simply enjoying the warmer weather, summer is a great time to retool your skill sets and ramp up your resume to get a better job or promotion.  With longer days and the chance to be outside (especially for those of us who live

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Love & Money: How to Merge Your Finances

Partnering up or getting married?  How to get your money in order when you marry and merge your finances as a married couple

The last vestige of single life isn’t living alone, it’s having your own finances. Most of us have had roommates at some point. But unless you’re married or engaged, you probably haven’t had to share a bank account.  Money is one of the top reasons people get divorced, and talking about it can lead to

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The Alchemy Of Gratitude: Turning Opposition Into Opportunity

Your attitude is magical. Gratitude is powerful.  Alchemy, magic- is real.  Use your mind to transform your life

The last few months have been challenging as most people have noted- in the fall, I called off my engagement.  In the spring, I dealt with the devastating impact pancreatic cancer took upon a dear friend and mentor, and had to say my goodbyes- dealing with grief in an entirely new way.  Just two weeks

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