Meet Matilda, Our New Rescue Pug

Matilda The Black Pug Puppy

You know how last week I was talking about how special pug rescue was to our family, and particularly, how unpredictable pug rescue can be.  Last week, we thought we would be taking in a 10 year old fawn pug that was being given up by a family who recently had a baby and the

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How To Create A DIY Faux Mudroom

How To Create a DIY Mudroom From A TV Stand

The Mud Room, it’s helpful wherever there’s weather.  In our condo, there isn’t such a room, to handle all of the rainy umbrellas and the muddy boots of inclement weather- but with some ingenuity, we have made one! Honestly, in our little space, having a place for all of the muddy shoes, wet stuff and

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