The Alchemy Of Gratitude: Turning Opposition Into Opportunity

Your attitude is magical. Gratitude is powerful.  Alchemy, magic- is real.  Use your mind to transform your life

The last few months have been challenging as most people have noted- in the fall, I called off my engagement.  In the spring, I dealt with the devastating impact pancreatic cancer took upon a dear friend and mentor, and had to say my goodbyes- dealing with grief in an entirely new way.  Just two weeks

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If You’re Going Through Hell, Keep Going. Advice For Anyone Going Through Tight Times

Struggling financially?  It's okay- you're not alone.  A bit of advice and encouragement if you're pinching pennies and struggling from someone who has been there

One of the emails I get most often from readers who read this blog is A.) How to know if you’re doing the right thing in life (when paying down debt, going back to school, saving up for a wedding because B.) It’s been a long hard road, and even though you may be doing

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I Just Got LAID (Off)….and it feels so good!

I got laid off and started my own blog and business

My new office… the kitchen table.  Which also doubles as a meeting center and impromptu photo studio.   Okay- so maybe it doesn’t in fact, feel so good….I would take a real lay, or a Hawaiian lei, or even a layover any day over a lay (off).  Blessings come in all shapes and sizes.  When

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Put Together At Home: Entertaining With My Wine Bar #PutTogether

Dry Wine Bar from Sauder Furniture

  I have been wanting a dry bar for ages. AGES. At my last place, I didn’t have a spot for one, but had my eye on this fabulous dry bar (a.k.a. Gourmet Stand)  from Sauder for well over a year.  Now that I’m a bachelorette with a place of my own, I knew exactly where

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7 Things You Need To Do When You Graduate College

7 Smart Things To Do After You Graduate From College

After graduating from college, you’re ready to take on the “real world.” If you’ve already had a few years living in an apartment, you probably know the basics. But here’s a definitive list of everything you should after getting that diploma. 1. Negotiate your salary When you get your first job offer, take a second

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