Handle With Care: Preparing For A Big Move

How to prepare for a big move...with your sanity intact & peace of mind!

  I’ve moved across country three times and across the city once.  First from California to Chicago for graduate school, then again back home after I graduated to no job in sight, the final time, I moved back in 2013 for love.  (Luckily the last time, I moved back for more than just love- since we

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What Grief & Loss Really Look Like

Kassie's Memorial

I think, in our minds, we have an idea of what grief, sadness, depression and loss look like. In our minds, that’s not us.  That’s not the people we see on our happy, shiny Facebook feeds.  It’s not on the faces of random people in the street, so what does it look like?  Right now,

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How To Grow Your Own Easter Grass Centerpieces

Grow your own fresh grash for spring centerpieces, it's super easy! All you need is seeds!

Growing your own fresh grass is really easy- and you don’t even need soil to do it!  If you’d like to make live grass centerpieces for your upcoming Easter dinner, or just to make really cute accent pieces at your spring functions, it’s cheap and easy to do…even if you suck at gardening! All you

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Why I Would Not Recommend EHarmony To A Friend..Or Anyone.

Why I hate eHarmony

I like to consider myself pretty savvy with my purchases, and I’m pretty savvy with the internet too- I’m a blogger and I do social media management for a living, but everything about my experience with eHarmony, the company, has been a total bust. Now, the fellas I met through eHarmony were just fine.  That’s

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Joining Mary Kay: The Decision That Cost Me

Thought about joining Mary Kay?  One story with selling that may help you make your decision

  I call it a bad decision because it didn’t workout for me. But I won’t lie to you and say that I am the only person who it didn’t work out for, or it never works out for anyone. It does! Just not for me. (insert sad face here) I had been a part

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