A Beautiful Cruise To Bermuda

Bermuda Glass Company

Have you been to the island of Bermuda?  It was my first trip abroad, and my first solo cruise with Holland America on a delightful 7 Day Bermuda cruise that was both invigorating and relaxing. The island wasn’t what I expected.  Bermuda isn’t your typical lush, tropical oasis you might expect. While it does boast

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Why You Should Take a Cruise As A Newbie or Solo Traveler

Cruising, as I’ve discovered, seems to be a culture all of it’s own.  Last month, I took a 7 day cruise to Bermuda, my first international trip and my first cruise as an adult (I had taken one well over a decade ago when I was 18).  I also took this cruise by myself, and

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The Five Most Valuable Travel Apps You Need (And They’re All Free!)

The apps you need to have when you travel- they just make traveling so much easier!

It’s no secret that the use of smart phones can be life saving for travelers, literally and figuratively. Whether you’re lost in a new city or confronted with a language barrier, these apps will ensure you seamlessly fit into your new surroundings without ever needing to refold a complex map. All Around Me One of

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Barcelona: The Incredible Top Eight Sights You Must See

sunset beach sized

I didn’t think it was possible for a place to encompass such diverse beauty. While I had high expectations for Barcelona, I assumed its beach-y vibe would carry itself throughout every street. Oh my, a rookie assumption. Barcelona feels like a million different cities meshed into one. From the quaint cobble-stoned old towns and historic

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Local Adventures: Randolph Street Market Festival

Dinosaurs Randolph Street Market

I recently got the chance to visit the Randolph Street Market Festival that happens once a month in Chicago.  Memorial Day Weekend is the big seasonal kickoff, since the weather turns nice and folks can enjoy being outdoors again! To celebrate the new season, some bloggers were invited to “pin” their favorite items from local

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