$20k In 2014: February Progress

Some things can't be good times, they can be good experiences

In 2014 I’m saving $20,000 to pay for our wedding, build an emergency fund & max out my Roth IRA.  (Read More Here) I like to keep it real on this blog, there are some months being frugal comes secondary to being human, and sometimes, humans plan badly. In my quest to save $20,000 in

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Switch & Save (Without Coupons!)- Grocery Shopping At ALDI

ALDI Deals- Fresh Produce For Cheap At ALDI!

  Disclosure: I am participating in a sponsored brand ambassadorship with ALDI I’m a regular & satisfied customer, all opinions stated are 100% my own.   When fiancé and I started planning our life together, he was still learning my frugal ways (some of which like using libraries and thrift stores) he hadn’t really explored.

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