Solo Travel Recap: Panama City Beach, Florida

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Panama City Beach, Florida- have you ever been?  It’s a colorful beach city that’s got something for everyone. While it’s known for being family friendly- it’s fabulous for singles and solo travelers as well.  I headed down for a weekend respite, to try some piña coladas, work on my tan and see what the area

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5 Things To Do Before You Travel Abroad

Traveling abroad for the first time? Don't be scared, be prepared!  The 5 things you gotta do before you hop the pond or fly somewhere fabulous in a new country!

Traveling for the first time is scary. Even the other day, I heard someone say that they would’ve traveled abroad earlier if they had realized how easy it would be. So if you’ve been bit by the travel bug, here are some things to do to make your first trip abroad smooth sailing: 1.  Get

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Personal Habits That Helped Me Get Out Of Debt

Debt can be one of the most common and one of the most dubious things we have to overcome in adulthood. It dulls your sparkle. It takes the wind from your sails.  The goal line seems so far away, and it is not fun chipping away at a mountain that seems insurmountable- yet, you keep trying. In

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Your Guide To Airline Travel With Pets

Medium Sherpa Carrier on an American Airlines Flight

I’ve flown with my pug Matilda several times- both on Southwest Airlines and American Airlines.  If you have a small animal and are going for an extended stay, it might be more cost effective to take them with you than paying for boarding. Of course,  you also need to make sure where you’re staying doesn’t

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5 Frugal Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Frugal Father's Day Ideas

Father’s Day is coming up and this year, don’t hit the department store the day before. Skip the tie and give him something he won’t want to hide in a box. Here are some great sentimental and frugal ideas for your dad. A picture says a thousand words Websites like Shutterfly offer countless options to

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