How to Save on Meals

How To Save Money On Meals (Without Going Crazy In The Process)  More Frugal Hacks & Budget Living Advice from Frugal Beautiful!

I’ll admit it, my daily trips to Trader Joes are taking a serious toll on my wallet, and my sanity. Not only am I indulging in spontaneous purchases that fulfill my momentary need for of all-things-salty-and-sweet, but I’m also over-purchasing and allowing foods (that bag of spinach from 2015, ahem) to go the waste. Here

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5 Affordable & Fun Valentine’s Date Night Ideas on a Budget

Awesome, Affordable and Fun Date Ideas For Valentine's Day That Are Budget Friendly and Frugal

Valentine’s Day is about spending time with the person you love, but the average celebration costs almost $150. Even if you and your sweetie are trying to save money, you can still find fun ways to celebrate the day without ruining your budget. Read below for our tips on how to have a frugal Valentine’s

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How To Do Valentine’s Day on a Budget

How To Do Valentine's Day on a Budget

Valentine’s Day can be expensive, and in an odd way- it can make such a romantic holiday feel really cheap with the rampant commercialism and the cliché marketing geared to make us want to spend.  If you’re not looking for gift guides and instead want ideas that can inspire moments, not overpriced things from the

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The Best Advice On How To Survive When Money Is Tight

Personal Finance Bloggers Share Their Best Advice For Surviving A Layoff, Setback or Paying Off Debt- and other money challenges!

Chances are, we all hit a rough patch from one time to another.  It doesn’t seem to matter what else is going on, there are times an unexpected layoff happens, a financial setback or personal emergency totally throws us off kilter.  Other times, it can be a dark and gloomy period when we realize it’s

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Super Sweet Vacation Deals for Valentine’s Day

Super Sweet Vacation Deals for Valentine's Day or an Anniversary

Just as we breathed a sigh of relief that our holiday shopping was complete, Valentine’s Day sneaks up on us, throwing us into another frenzy to score the perfect gift for our one and only. While our credit card bills pile up, it is possible to give a thoughtful present without getting a part time

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