5 Ways to Make Extra Money

5 Ways to Make Extra Money That You May Not Have Tried Before...They're Useful & Creative

Too often when we talk about being frugal, the easy answer is to find things to cut back on. When I was trying to pay off my student loans, I started by cutting back. But eventually, like a diet, you reach a breaking point. I couldn’t change my rent for at least another year, I didn’t

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Advice From Someone Who’s Been There: 24 Hours in Madrid, Spain (On a Budget!)

Madrid At Twilight HD Desktop Background

(source.) Traveling to a new city opens up a wealth of unknown experiences. Yet while you’re overcome with excitement, intrigue and maybe a little apprehension (let’s be real, a whole lotta apprehension), it’s easy to get overwhelmed when trying to ensure you see every nook and cranny. After spending a couple weeks exploring Spain’s major

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Introducing the Kaiku Card: A Low-Fee Prepaid Debit Card

Review of the Kaiku Card

If you’re paying down your debts and really struggle to stick to a budget, and a cash system just doesn’t do it for you (because ahem, going to the bank and withdrawing cash before going out can be a hassle!) prepaid debit cards may be an option. Additionally, if you are budgeting on behalf of

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Celebrating Moms in Style on the Odyssey Chicago

An Amazing Experience for Mother's Day on the Odyssey Chicago Brunch Cruise

One of my favorite things in Chicago is to go cruising on the Odyssey Chicago with Entertainment Cruises. If you come to Chicago and you want a truly unique experience with good food, good service and an unforgettable time- I recently sailed on Mother’s Day for the Mother’s Day brunch cruise and my glowing approval

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Packing Nine Days Into Your Carry-On

Super Helpful Travel Hack-  Packing Nine Days Into Your Carry On

I wouldn’t say it was love at first sight. Even now, my cloudy-gray canvas carry-on isn’t much to brag about. But the amount of time I’ve spent with this beat up suitcase has shown an unbreakable bond, despite how much he’s been tossed about in tiny jets, shipped across rowdy seas, or simply put under

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