How To Save On Barre, Yoga, & Cycle Classes


I’ll admit it, I’m a commitment-phobe. When it comes to shelling out $250 for anything, let alone a workout class, I immediately retreat back to my Pilates DVDs from 2002. However, the more I hear about these upcoming fitness trends (SoulCycle, anyone?) the more I’m intrigued to give it a second look. Although a typical

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The Top Reasons People Fail To Get Healthy

Plan to fail or fail to plan!  Get ready to #makeyourmove for a healthy 2015 with these tips

For several years now, I’ve been working on getting better about my health. If anyone knows their way around an excuse to workout- it’s typically been me.  When I started to get serious about my health, I found that I originally experienced the typical setbacks everyone faces and it usually meant that I experienced a

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Healthy Living Is A Habit #BeActiv

Viactiv gummies and chews for delicious, healthy living

This year, I’ve been blogging a lot about how healthy habits should be thoughtful, deliberate and consistent.  Since many of us start the year of trying to aggressively turn around years of less than ideal habits, many of us fall off the wagon all too quickly.  In 2015, unlike in years past (like where I

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Stretch. Everyday. #JustBeFlexible

Get A Free 30 day subscription to My Yoga Online with a purchase of a Stayfree Ultrathin product

This year, I made a resolution to start stretching everyday.  While I made lots of big goals that require a lot of headspace, dedication and sometimes strenuous effort (like investing in stocks or planning a trip abroad, eek!) I wanted a goal that was more subtle, but equally as profound.  Not every goal needs to

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5 EASY Healthy Habits You Can Start Today For A Healthier Tomorrow #MakeYourMove

You've heard about diet & exercise, but what can you do now, without a gym to get started?  Small steps equal big process!  Be healthy and #MakeYourMove this year!

  When people resolve to get healthier, it can be easy to go overboard quickly.  Considering most people fail at their New Year’s resolutions or fall of the wagon with fad diets in short order, it might be time to evaluate how we approach making healthier habits a part of our daily lives. Instead of

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