Goal Setting & Achieving: Am I Gearing Up Or Burning Out?

Matilda the rescue pug- NIPRA Our family supports pug rescue, she's just one special pug of many who needed a home!

This Erin Condren planner is my paper brain. I cannot function without it lately. I operate best when I’m busy. In college, I had a color coded day planner with sorority events, my double-major related study sessions, social events and philanthropy.  I wasn’t happy unless my calendar looked like a literal rainbow of activity with

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My Journey To A Hassle Free Fitness Routine In 2015

My journey to a hassle free fitness routine

In years past, I’ve made some big fitness goals- like running 13 half marathons in 2013 or doing my first triathlon.  This year, I’m focused on building sustainable, healthy habits as opposed to pulse periods of intense focus on a goal- a goal that usually means I’m burned out afterwards! For 2015, I’ve teamed up

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How I Stay Fit On The Go With Puffs


I am very busy.  So busy, in fact, like most of us- that when I get busy, my fitness routine is the first thing to suffer.  I love to run, work out to DVDs at home and I seriously am going to start going to the gym (for realsies).  If you’re struggling to make fitness

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Watermelon Kale Juice Recipe

Kale Watermelon Fresh Juice Recipe with Juicer

Trust me, I know this looks gross, but it tastes SO good and it is good for you!  Watermelon is one of my favorite fruits- it’s amazing after a hot, humid run to cool off, refresh and hydrate with some juice or cold watermelon chunks.  Pair my love of watermelon with the ever-so-popular kale, and

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Frugal Living Story: How I Saved $15,000 Per Year By Living Healthy

How I Save $15,000 A Year By Living Healthy

I’m not the only one who believes that health and wealth are tied.  My friend Wendy and I recently got to chatting about her weight loss and healthy living transformation that’s not only changed her life, but her finances as well, I had to ask her to share her story! Hey, y’all! I’m Wendy and I blog

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