Asics Bucktown Grand Opening

Asics Bucktown Chicago Grand Opening Party

Summer is here in Chicago, and that means- it’s prime running season as many of us in the Chicago area, and around the nation, begin training for the Chicago Marathon.  Luckily for me, my fiancé will be doing the training, this bride has taken a step back from crazy running goals simply to plan a

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The Nike Women’s Half DC Recap

Nike Women's Half Marathon DC Tiffany

  The Nike Women’s Half DC has been hands down, one of my favorite races two years in a row.  Yes, there are Tiffany necklaces.  Yes, there are guys in tuxes.  Yes, Nike is swagalicious. But honestly, it’s a fabulous race of 15,000 awesome women during springtime in our nation’s capital that makes this race

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Tips For Winter Running

Running In Winter- If You Live In The Midwest Or Cold Regions & Need Advice On How To Keep Running In Winter, Read This Article!

I’m a California girl, born and raised but when I moved to Chicago and started running, I secretly feared that I would be housebound for months at a time when I started seeing the leaves change in the Midwest.  Winter running can be intimidating for anyone who is either new to the sport or going

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