Tried-n-True Winter Workout Gear


To be honest, sometimes the only reason I get up to work out is knowing I have a fly new outfit to put on. When I first began running, I would scrounge around for whatever sweatshirt was the least wrinkly and find a pair of shorts that at least covered the lady parts. Not only

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How to Prevent Injuries As A New Runner

Starting a couch to 5k plan, or starting out as a new runner? If you've signed up for your first race, or just want to get in shape, here's our tips to help you prevent running injuries

Running stories are the most unique of their kind. There was a certain point in my twenties when I noticed more and more of my friends were hopping onto the running bandwagon. And not just for fun, 5ks turned into 10ks and 10ks turned into half marathons and before I knew it everyone on my

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SAVE THE PUGS! The Virtual Pug Run 2015

The 2015 Virtual Pug Run Puggerfly

This is one of those posts that I’m excited and nervous to write- the Virtual Pug Run was such an amazing but hard won success last year- though it was a lot of work and a real nail biter along the way.  We set a goal to raise $7,860 to help save 26.2 pugs, and

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My Perfect Summer Day In Chicago

My perfect summer day with Athleta

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Athleta through their partnership with POPSUGAR. While I was compensated by POPSUGAR to write a post about Athleta, all opinions are my own. Spring isn’t really a season here in Chicago. It seems to launch directly from winter to summer, with the spring blossoms coming in really late this

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It’s A Very Merry Christmas- The Virtual Pug Run Donation Totals Announced!

Virtual Pug Run- $8,176 Donated!

Domo-Santa wishes you a Merry Christmas and so do I!  Christmas around my house is totally nerdy and a little bit quirky.  This holiday, I am so very grateful for a year full of challenge and blessings. My trip home to be with family is going to be a crazy week of working remote, driving

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