Your Blog Should Be As Big As The Dreams You’re Scared To Share. Need A Coach?

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I’ve been lucky- in the two years I’ve been blogging, I’ve been able to raise thousands for charity, earn enough income to quit a job I hated, worked with major brands such as runDisney, Team Refuel/Got Chocolate Milk, GAP and Mary Kay.

I’ve spoken at blogging conferences and published my first eBook to help other bloggers realize their Rockstar Blogging dreams and make them real.  Oh yes, and I’ve had a heck of a lot of fun doing it!


Everyone starts their blog for a reason:  to tell a story, to motivate change, to earn some income, to live a better life.  Why did you start blogging?  Is your blog living up to your expectations?


You hear a lot about “problogging,” and people who make money online, but what does that even mean?

How does a normal person (meaning someone without an MBA and a huge email list) make money with their blog and work with brands for perks and freebies?


As Your Blogging Coach I Can Help You:

  • Take a quick peak behind the curtain on how bloggers “get successful” without needing to implement a huge 6 point marketing plan or a huge audience.
  • Network & market your blog effectively without being slimy
  • Learn how bloggers make money with affiliate sales, sponsorships & PPC ads.
  • Recognize red flags that could be stalling your goals & fix them.
  • Get the confidence & know-how to pitch major brands for sponsorships.
  • Earn side-hustle or full-time income from your blog.
  • Avoid scams (because there are a ton of them out there!) & get paid what you’re worth as a blogger!


My goal isn’t to be like other blogging coaches out there.

No marketing fluff, no “make money online” mumbo jumbo or vague answers that you’ve read everywhere else.


I’m all about straight talk-  that’s why in 2 coaching calls, a site audit and email coaching, you should have the tools you need to be self sufficient.

My goal is to give you quick, actionable steps that are tailored to your blog.  I want to answer your tough questions about the industry and give you a behind the scenes look, and real answers about how bloggers make money & work with major brands. You’ll have the skinny on affiliate sales, sponsorships, working with brands &  any other questions you might have- no need to be bashful!


After writing Rockstar Blogging & working with bloggers for over a year, I’m thrilled to launch my official coaching program!  I have a few spots left for February-  if there was ever a time to invest in your blog, now is the time.  Over a year ago, I invested in a coach and life hasn’t been the same since, I hope to replicate that success for you and enable you get a solid return on your investment fast!  


Read more about my coaching services

..and feel free to ask any questions in the comment section!


 Also-  all new clients that sign up for February will receive a free copy of Rockstar Blogging  & a complimentary sidebar ad on my blog for March!  🙂

My goal is to help you earn back the price of your coaching sessions within 30 days, in the value of free products, perks & blog growth. Isn’t it time to see what your blog can do for you?




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      Thanks Erica… I’m so excited…I’ve had enough interest and email questions I’m hoping that being able to feed my family doing what I love will be the logical next step, haha!

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      Awesome Sarah! Welcome to Frugal Beautiful! 🙂 I’m offering a perk to anyone that signs up this month- (even if they can’t book until March) for a free copy of Rockstar Blogging, my ebook & worksheets. Rock on Sarah and thanks again!

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      Hi Jackie! I have all the info on my Hire Me page- but my coaching package is $250 and jam packed with value- a site audit with action guide, two coaching sessions and unlimited email support for a month!

      As stated above, I’m giving anyone who signs up this month a bonus of my ebook- Rockstar Blogging and the supplemental materials (worksheets, guides, etc).

      Thanks! 🙂

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    I haven’t been back to your site in a while (my bad), and I’m glad I picked today to do it. I am going to talk to my GDI blogging partner about your coaching program. We have had our site up for a year now and have some success, but not what we were hoping for. You might be the right fit for us!

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      Hey Leslie! So glad you came back 🙂 I took a look at your blog and I think it has plenty of undertapped potential- with some simple tweaks and a plan it could be ready to reach whatever traffic, social media or monetization goals you have for it.

      I know when I started blogging, there was a lot of information out there and it was overwhelming to figure out what to try and what to apply. I hope that if you decide to use my services it will yield returns far beyond the investment! 🙂

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    I love this. My hubby has been asking me what I want for my upcoming birthday and Valentine’s Day —– I think I finally have an answer! I just started my blog on January 1st and would love to fine tune it sooner rather than later! Great idea and much success to you on your coaching venture!

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      Gigi- I am honored you would consider a gift of coaching to celebrate with! I think having a plan and the right resources will cut down the time it takes to get noticed and offer a smoother, faster return on your investment of time. I blogged for months before I really knew what I was doing- had I had better guidance I can only imagine how different that time would have been spent!

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    I am considering this too, I have been blogging for over 1 1/2 years and have had considerable growth the past few months. I know there is even more potential for passive income and just trying to determine if now is the time to take it to the next level.

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      Hey Stephanie! Thanks for your interest! I love your blog design- it’s so beautiful! My goal is to get you wherever you are, to wherever you want to be and tailor a plan that can be as active or passive as you need. I love perusing new partnerships, but what’s even better is when opportunities now find me since my blog has grown to where I want it!


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